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Welcome to Compass Royalty Management, serving Individuals, Universities and Institutions with turn-key oil and gas royalty management solutions. Our team of seasoned oil and gas professionals has developed a proprietary, web-based oil and gas royalty management to manage your oil and gas assets more effectively than ever. Taking the guesswork out of your day-to-day royalty administration process, we'll give you the facts you need to rest assured.

Currently under management:

• Over $900 Million in Royalty and Mineral assets

• More than 145,000 interests

• Over 7.5 million acres

• Interests in 28 states, The Gulf of Mexico and The Pacific Offshore

Oil & Gas Royalty Management

Compass has one asset class to manage: Oil & Gas Royalties. This singular focus ensures that your interests are receiving the attention they deserve.

Through our combined experience in Oil & Gas Royalty Management, Oil & Gas Exploration and Production, Royalty Acquisition, and Property Management we have created a unique fiduciary management company that provides transparent back office Oil & Gas Royalty Management solutions for institutions and full service active management for individuals, universities and endowments.


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