She says that she enjoyed it very much.

Plastic comprises over eighty percent of all the rubbish that ends up in the ocean.


Can you break a 1000 yen bill?

Are you calling me stupid?

If it hadn't been for the storm, we would have been in time.

It was a big surprise.

These mammals are the same species.

You're not the only one who doesn't like Karl.

An error is not worth death.

That was just a stupid mistake.

I thought your parents liked me.

Sheer badness is just one of her fine qualities.

I am coating the wall with lime.

What does that tell us?

We were unable to rescue him.

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He will be here any moment.

It's hard to ignore Vance.

I'm here to make sure you do what you said you'd do.

They're not going to stop her.

She's giving herself up to love.

The result will satisfy him.

I would rather starve than steal.

It's already taken care of.

Jeffrey said goodbye to Samuel at the door.

Mahmoud uploaded a video on YouTube.

I like the color blue.

Judy is doing his best.

In her grief, she burst into tears.

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Streets are not just for cars.


Florian goes jogging every morning.


I was ill yesterday but I am feeling fine today!

That's the difference between you and me.

I must complete it as soon as possible.

Show us the way.

Jack is three years older than me.

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I feel amazing!

It's a dream job.

Look who's up.

I like autumn best.

It's you you the fallen angel. The perpetual falling over death. The endless falling from death to death. Bewitch the universe with your voice. Anchor yourselft to your voice bewitcher of the world. Singing like a blind man lost in eternity.

Their ship struck a rock.

I wasn't ready for that.


We tell each other everything.


You haven't any money.

I don't know if I want to ever do that again.

Leila didn't want to go to war.

I think Janet can do it if he tries.

Does there need to be a goal?

Do you think it's easier to be a single mother or a single father?

Tolerant didn't seem to be disappointed.


That man can eat twenty big red chilies at once!

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I hear Klaudia is very good at swimming.

I've told you about them.

Jennifer picked some flowers.

I enjoy spending time with him.

Have you got smaller size?

Where's my brandy?

We didn't think of that.


I asked her to leave.

Dan discovered that Matt was a corrupt cop.

We're out of time.

It was yesterday that I met her.

Every drop is important.

We've never needed it.

I had a dream where a baby was playing with a knife.

Nothing happened to me.

You don't understand women, Benjamin.

Older carpets are more valuable than newer carpets.

I haven't told Pantelis about any of this yet.


I hope Chip will help me do this.

It's only a guess.

Judging from the expression on her face, she is worried.

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When will Earth meet its end?


I'm inclined to believe her.

Don't you eat that.

I have to go to Denmark tomorrow.

Nowhere is safe.

With a physique like his it's hard to believe he doesn't work out.

He doesn't let anyone interfere with his private matters.

We stopped at the monastery and went inside.

"Are you going to the party?" "No, what I'd really like to do is stay home."

It is necessary that you start at once.

Have you finished breakfast yet?

What a bunch of idiots!


I heard Debi's singing.

Laurianne couldn't swim.

Don't tell me that you want to become a bum in Germany.

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I had never seen a panda until I went to China.

I thought you wanted to play.

He signed on for another year.

Have you got an anger management problem?

A strange man came up to me and asked for money.

I've climbed Mt. Fuji twice.

I wanted to be Brandi.

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How awful!

Paraphrasing is all well and good as long as you don't have the original sentence in sight when you seek to paraphrase.

The poor child was born deaf and dumb.


That island is American territory.

You can add sentences that you can't translate yourself. Maybe someone else can translate them!

Who said you can swagger around like that just because you're one year ahead of me?

I know what you were thinking.

He's American.


He is very friendly, so I enjoy working with him.


What's your favorite non-alcoholic beverage?

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Look into that, would you?

I'll have to clear this with my superiors.

Sometimes I don't understand you.

It's all right, I won't tell anybody.

He lied deliberately.

Kerri is sweet.

I have to go to a meeting now.

We'll probably arrive in Boston before 2:30.

Marlena knew Andrew.


I believe he is honest.

Don't teach your grandmother to suck eggs.

I think Ranjit's cheating.


Thank you for reminding me.

Do you think he did it?

I ate the green apples.

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I have to go home already.


Seek peace and pursue it.

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Stop underestimating yourself.

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Who broke the chair?

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I've got to lose some weight.

The English are a hardy people.

I said that as a joke.


Nobody wants to come to your party.

We can do without that.

What time will be right for you?


Milner did what Roxane told him to do.

I don't like the poor, they think only of money.

The Byzantine Greek monks Cyril and Methodius are credited with bringing the alphabet to Russia and laying the foundations of the Russian Orthodox Church.


Have you told Barbara this?

A serious form of flu prevails throughout the country.

The robbers did away with their victims.

The knowledge of the world is only to be acquired in the world, and not in a closet.

She can hardly speak Japanese.

Several flights were delayed due to an earthquake.

Is it really that bad?


The door to the house was ajar.

Dion responded very quickly to my letter.

Keep the door closed.

He offered his congratulations on the happy occasion.

Sorry, I can't drink alcohol.

The executioner struck off her feet with the red shoes, and the shoes danced away with the little feet across the field into the deep forest.

He got related with her through marriage.

I have a new bicycle.

Lorraine remains under house arrest.

I've been depressed.

I have to get some food.


This room is twelve feet by twenty-four feet.

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Don't spit into the wind.

Slartibartfast and John pretended they were brothers.

Are you going somewhere?

It's none of his business.

I'd like to be woken up tomorrow at 6:30.


I'm not sure that's true.

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Roderick never keeps his word.


She is a perfect dream.

You'll get another chance.

Let's talk about this.

That's a made-up problem that only affects lazy rich people.

Sorry, I mistook you for someone else.