The kitchen is the heart of every home, certainly the most popular environment. It is logical to think that the concept of this environment has evolved over time, exactly as happened to the idea of ​​home. The center of the family is always the kitchen, even if magnificent dining rooms and magnificent living rooms have been added over time. What make this environment perfect? Each of us has a different idea than his ideal kitchen, however, many agree to say that it should be an excellent one to satisfy both the appearance and the functionality. Any furniture accessory you want to use and any style you want to follow, from the romantic to the most modern, the password will always be “habitability”! Although the furniture of a kitchen is always at the center of our personal tastes, there are some basic rules that can be followed during the furniture and design, in order to make the most of the space and achieve an aesthetic of everything respect.

In the kitchen we work, we have fun together, we create and experiment. In the kitchen we gather around the table after a long day to talk and listen, you can savor stories and breathe in perfumes that will remain forever in memory. For all these reasons (and for many others!) It is important to make your kitchen a pleasant and beautiful place to live. For how much care you put in decorating it, however, with the passage of time, it happens to get tired of their choices, to look at the environment with different eyes and to warn it as “too old”. It happens in short to have a desire for news! This happens even more frequently when, at the time of the restructuring, it was opted for a furniture that was a bit too classic because, if it is true that the classic never goes out of fashion, it is also true that it is easier to feel the need to rejuvenate it.

Each kitchen has its own parasolizzi, often consisting of the wall covering tiles. The choice of the parasolizzi is always a dilemma not easy to solve and is usually made with materials and colors that match the top or the floor. But the parasolizzi can be much more, a declaration of intent, an expression of personality and a bold and playful way of changing the kitchen simply by covering the old tiles. So, how to give a new look to the walls, in a short time and without complicated work?

When we think of the dirtiest and most contaminated house sites with germs and bacteria, the bathroom usually comes to mind. The kitchen should, however, be one of the cleanest places, because we pass sponges and rags continuously. But it is precisely here that enemies lurk for our health. We have already seen how sponges can hide germs and bacteria that can cause us small or big health problems. But never would we have thought that even dishcloths could be so potentially harmful.

Would you like to think of a trivial idea of ​​ceramic tiles to decorate your kitchen? Maybe it is, but what tiles do you have in mind? I have found some really details on which to leave the heart. A classic destined to never set is the wall or a part of it decorated with the … a lot of patience to put it since it takes endless hands of paint but the effect is always very beautiful, particular and of great tendency. From a small detail to the whole wall … what do you prefer? If I say shelf what do you think? To the usual four little plains put there to get the dust? No, I’m talking about something different and very creative for lovers of total white, total black and of course also total colors. The shelves are a basic element that can make the difference: they are very conceptual, celebral and personal: who does not put anything on top, who fills them out of all proportion, who wants them modern black or white and who plays in an extreme way but always thought with colors, all in their own unique and beautiful way, and your ideal shelf as it should be?