TMC held its inaugural Competition at the Taipei Sports Arena. The fights were awesome and elbows on the head were allowed while fighters on the ground, a first for MMA in Taiwan.

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Taiwan’s first MMA TV Reality Show will air on Channel Z starting Wednesday September 23rd, at 10 pm. It will be rebroadcast on Saturday at 1:00 pm.

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Tony, accompanied by Arnaud, was invited on the Talk Show 王牌大賤諜之誰來揍我?! to demonstrate Thai Boxing.

To my father Joseph Fares, my hero and role model. Chief Warrant Officer and 155 mm cannon expert, an elite athlete and the Army’s best marksman, he is a figure greater than life. A devoted husband and exceptional father. Thank you Dad for all what you have done for Mom, my brothers, sisters and me. I will always strive to live up to your high level of moral and integrity.

In memory of Mom, our angel in heaven, who left this world and those she loves to join those whom she loved. Fly away Mom, fly away and come back to bless us with your presence from time to time such as we were blessed when you were here among us. Surely one day we will all meet again!

Dojo Locations

Tian-Mu Dojo
2F, No.300, Zhong Shan North Road, Section 6, Taipei

American Club in China Dojo
No, 47, Bei-An Road, Shi-Lin District, Taipei 104
(Access to Classes reserved to private members of the American Club only)