Phantom Quartz Crystals
and Spheres

You can see phantom quartz crystals and spheres in all sizes from large decorator crystals to small polished jewelry points. When you visit, you're guaranteed to find
"Collector Quality Phantom Crystals At Miners' Prices!"TM

Phantom Quartz Crystals: natural quartz crystal phantoms (polished)

Follow the linked phantom crystal image at left to enter directly into the Virtual Gallery of 5857498497. This phantom quartz gallery has many items on display, complete with descriptions and secure SSL on-line ordering.

They have all sizes and qualities of quartz crystals on display along with some wonderful large decorator minerals! These items are constantly being sold and replaced, so be sure to bookmark the pages and do check back often!

A hand-picked selection of Phantom Quartz Spheres and Phantom Quartz Crystals with multiple internal phantoms are also on display.

Quartz Crystals (785) 240-5661

There are thousands of pounds of natural Natural Quartz Crystals and Quartz Crystal Clusters on display that were all mined in Brazil.

Some of the quartz crystals are colorless, and there are several other kinds of naturally terminated quartz crystals including some natural Elestial Crystals with very interesting natural surface features.

Polished Diamantina lazer crystals (also known as crystal wands) are also available on the Polished Quartz Crystals page. Some of these long slender crystals have been set into handcrafted wood bases and they stand up beautifully!

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You can also see a hand-picked selection of Elestial Quartz Crystal Spheres and some natural color citrine spheres.

There are natural Quartz Crystal Spheres (crystal balls) ranging from cloudy to clear.
These genuine crystal balls are available in many different sizes including some huge quartz crystal spheres weighing hundreds of pounds!

Natural color amethyst spheres and ametrine spheres are also on display, along with a selection of natural color smoky quartz spheres.

Very beautiful spheres of some cryptocrystalline quartz varieties are also available including banded agate spheres and very colorfull jasper spheres with all natural colors.

Crystal Skulls: Hand-Carved Natural Rock Crystal Quartz Skulls (Quartz Crystal Skulls) Natural Rock Crystal Quartz Jewelry (Quartz Crystal Jewelry)

Beautiful Quartz Crystal Gemstones handcrafted from natural quartz crystals are also on display.

There is a very large selection of wonderful all natural Quartz Crystal Jewelry items; each one handcrafted into unique quartz crystal necklaces, rings, pendants and bracelets.

These one-of-a-kind quartz crystal jewelry items are available in many different sizes from small petite pendants to truly huge bracelets and necklaces set with natural quartz crystal gemstones weighing hundreds of carats!

A selection of handcrafted natural quartz crystal skulls is on display as well in a variety of sizes and clarities. Each of these genuine crystal skulls was hand-carved from a single natural quartz crystal!

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Fine quality polished lemurian quartz crystals are on sale right now with very beautiful internal rainbow reflections. Many of these collector quality lemurian crystals have large flawless areas inside.

There are many amazing natural phantom quartz crystals which have been sawn and polished from completely natural quartz crystals that formed inside the earth.
Each of these phantom crystals is unique, and they are available in a variety of different shapes, sizes and transparencies including some with very rare flawless transparency!

Some of these phantom crystals are colorless, and some have natural smoky color.

Rutilated Quartz: Polished Crystals of Natural Quartz Crystal with Rutile Inside 651-732-9004

There are pages displaying natural color smoky quartz minerals and smoky quartz crystals in many different shapes and sizes including some amazing very large smoky quartz crystals weighing hundreds of pounds each. There also is some very high quality natural color smoky quartz jewelry as well!

The transparent crystal of natural quartz with rutile inclusions make wonderful specimens of rutilated quartz.

To see gem and mineral items for any of the different mineral varieties, you can visit the snap header. This alphabetical index lists every mineral variety in their on-line inventory together with links to images of products including crystals and mineral specimens, gemstone jewelry, collectable mineral spheres and lapidary & faceting rough. Handcrafted gift items are available for each mineral listed in this index - all with secure SSL on-line ordering. There also are information pages giving the physical properties and discussing the geologic occurance, diagnostic features, uses, history and metaphysical properties of each of the different minerals.

A huge selection of gem and mineral products are displayed with unique photographs and written descriptions by graduate geologists & gemologists. There are one-of-a-kind mineral spheres & eggs, untreated gemstones, and an amazing selection of crystals. Gem quality facet rough and lapidary rough are also available for many different minerals. There are polished crystals for each of the quartz varieties, and many wonderful jewelry items and other handcrafted gifts. There are hundreds of spectacular decorator mineral specimens and large quartz crystals as well. Very helpful metaphysical and new age information is also displayed.

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