How old is that church?

You need to be honest with me.

Satan is pleased.

Juri kept his eyes closed.


What do you think of those Japanese writers?

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Isn't there anything else?

Panacea is in charge now.

Did Ravindran change his opinion?

I fell when I was running.

Let's start here.

Over and out.

Does Marika want to go back to Japan?

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Clayton is probably able to speak French by now.

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They should thank him.


I'd like to say goodbye.


She's an outlaw.


Tigger told me it would take about three hours.

I'm a native Chilean, and proud Spanish speaker.

Not everyone likes to drink tea, take me for example, I like coffee.

I am used to driving a truck.

Don't you remember Meeks?

Is this our cabin?

Have you discussed this problem with Vinod?

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Tell them I'm innocent.


She enclosed a photo.

Before I could protest, I was handcuffed and was on my way to prison.

I want to keep the baby.


I told you the bank was closed.

I found him covered in blood.

You should talk this over before it gets to be too big a problem.

Few treasures are worth as much as a friend who is wise and helpful.

Olivier can't stand Nicolette's boss, because he's a male chauvinist pig.

His apprehensions were justified.

He came back two days after.

I know those women.

"You pig! Fucking traitor!", yells Ahmed.

I remember last night very well.

Baseball is an interesting sport.

These kids are in danger.

We'll be back in twenty minutes.

She helps the Mackintosh boy.

I'm fed up with always backing you up.

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This field is wild.

I didn't know much about them.

Gill usually acts most efficiently.

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I think I want to study Persian.

Horror movies frighten me.

No one may be questioned about his opinions, and the same for religious opinions, provided that their manifestation does not trouble the public order established by the law.

Thoroughly preparing for a job interview increases the chances of getting the job.

Who's your favorite game show host?

Clay stopped at his grandfather's farm on his way to Boston.

Lord isn't good at remembering names.


It was not until I came to Japan that I ate sashimi.

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Are you sure of her coming on time?

I should get some rest.

Pua sings at church.


You should have come. It was fun.

Barbra tried to look dignified.

That's kind of gross.

Danger lurks around every corner.

Go away. I want to be alone.

Can you quickly go and buy grey bread from the baker? And have it cut!

You will wash an apple.

Even I was defeated.

Rafik put his briefcase on the seat next to him.

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I think it's a lot better in Boston.


Olof is teaching us French.

Mr Smith's class was called off because he was sick.

We have freed you from a great anxiety.

His bravery to save the child from drowning is above praise.

How long did you work for me?

Do you know what the risks are?

We have more to do.

You're a weird kid.

No, I don't watch CNN.


Is there anything in particular you'd like me to say?

They seem scared.

You like to take pictures, don't you?

You're not big enough yet to drink a whole bottle of wine by yourself. First you have to grow up and get bigger.

You have to buy one at the office.

How smart!

They've gone.

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You must work.


Dan drove Linda to his house to meet his parents.


The children want to go to the pool.

It's unlikely that the meeting will start on time.

You guys are overplanning this.

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So what happened next?

Is that clock going?

The statistics gave ammunition to her argument.


He works from Monday to Friday.


In my opinion, he is just a fool.

Where are you leading us?

She's getting married next month.

The garden is railed off from the path.

Can you spell "Massachusetts"?


Roberto eventually changed his mind.

I'll go get that.

I want to say that word.


I want to find out where Ninja went last week.

I'm taking bereavement leave on Jan. 30 and 31.

I'm really worried about Sumitro.

I wanted your cooperation.

I should've tried harder.

You know how to manipulate me.

This is my handbag.


Daddy, I can't walk any more. Carry me.

I figured it out by myself.

That boy denies stealing the bicycle.

This is all your fault.

It's gotten better.


One point for Cindie!

I'll return to Australia in two days.

She is much afraid of dogs.

She is trying to lose weight.

Anatoly filled the pot with water and put it on the stove.


I've been expecting Monica.


I submit that it would constitute a very dangerous precedent.

Miltos has left the city.

They all objected to his proposal.

They didn't like her.

I want to buy pineapples.

Would you be kind enough to put in a word for me?

We're not supposed to be doing this.

My time has come.

Ira gave a voluntary confession.

I'm glad you're my friend.

You guys are good.

Actually, it wasn't totally quiet.

All the good seats are already taken.

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She smiled happily.

There are in my garden a lot of vegetables: lettuce, onion, garlic, etc.

Who did you tell?

I see the fellow.

Dwayne came home from school in tears because her friends had teased her.

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In the last few years it happened frequently.


Why do you want to go as far as Germany to buy a car?

This one is similar to that one.

Masanobu has been sick in bed for a week now.

He managed to be on time for class.

We sold our souls for money.

I went to Obihiro two years ago.

Jim makes a point of jogging three miles every day.

Corey needs guidance.

Give him my best regards.

Can we come too?

I remember reading about it.

Don't call me up after ten o'clock.

Tell Ricardo I'll be there in 30 minutes.

I reached out and touched Robbin's hand.

The hypnotist convinced Vickie that he was a squirrel.


Rafik has asked me out.

Maybe you can't hear me.

How do you think Gunter will cope with the situation?


"Here you are," the steward says.


Case shouldn't need any help.

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With all due respect, Mr. President, you are an asshole!


Words cannot describe how happy and blessed I am to have you.

Tiefenthal swims like a fish.

This is a work that benefits others.

You are the next in line for promotion.

He was ambitious of success in business.