Saturday, August 4th, 2018 in Chicago

NSA ignites bold ideas in a day long boot-camp where aspiring entrepreneurs will build startups alongside successful Shark Tank alumni, mentors, and fellow visionaries.

What will you build?


You will select an idea, form a team, validate your business model, and get personal mentorship throughout the process.
You will attend workshops led by entrepreneurs and lectures from guest speakers who will share the ins and outs of launching a startup. You will assess the viability of your product against target customers and refine your plan.
You will learn how to craft and deliver a compelling pitch. You and your team will then pitch to a panel of potential investors simulating the Shark Tank experience.


Shaan Patel, MD/MBA

Shaan secured a deal on ABC’s “Shark Tank” with Mark Cuban for his company PrepExpert, an SAT/ACT test prep service he built after achieving a perfect score on the SAT and winning a quarter of a million dollars in scholarship money. Shaan is currently an MD/MBA student at Yale & USC and has published nearly 10 books, including some #1 bestsellers on Amazon for SAT & ACT Prep.

Kaeya Majmundar

Kaeya secured a deal on ABC’s “Shark Tank” with Lori Grenier for her first product, BZbox, a collapsible storage box. When her episode airing brought about explosive sales, Kaeya became fixated on how to replicate that explosive effect with other products. She then formed Kaeyos, Inc, an agency where she would partner with a celebrity, build a product with them, and leverage their social capital to drive sales.

Jake Sylvestre

 Jake is the founder of PhishTrain, a cybersecurity company that has worked with Fortune 500 companies to improve cyber security posture and create measurable impact on cyber risk by effecting organizational behavior. Jake is also a founder/key member of several non-profits hoping to encourage entrepreneurship and encourage software development literacy in the U.S. and abroad.


We are Shark Tank alumni on a mission to empower aspiring entrepreneurs to build bold startups. So we took our tried and true startup playbook and turned it into a crash course on how to take an idea and turn it into a real product. We’ll take you through the entire process with our rigorous, execution based workshops. At the end, you’ll get to pitch your product to a panel of investors, just like we did.

Chicago, IL

August 4th

Cost: $99

Why Today’s Teens Are More Entrepreneurial than Their Parents

A quick poll of my peers revealed that about 60% of them had traditional “teen” jobs; flipping burgers, waiting tables, and the catchall “office work” — typing, filing, and reception. But when I asked what their children do to earn money, only 12% of them had jobs that I would describe as traditional teen jobs. A whopping 70% had jobs that are best described as self-employed; ranging from owner/operator of Diva Day Care to selling on eBay to teaching piano lessons. Today’s teens are getting a completely different work experience than I did – and it’s better preparing them to be innovators.

The media is playing an important role in this shift. Shows like “Shark Tank,” featuring young entrepreneurs, and local and national media covering feel good stories about successful teens have changed the way our youth view work. In fact, according to a Gallup poll, 8 out of 10 kids want to be their own boss, and 4 out of 10 want to start their own business.

There’s also a groundswell of support from parents and adults, generally. I saw this with my daughter’s business. Our friends and neighbors could just as easily have bought their bread and cinnamon rolls at the grocery store, but when they saw that my daughter was willing to get up at 5AM on Saturday to make fresh baked bread they were inclined to support her.

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What sets Next Shark Academy apart from other startup conferences?

There are a lot of “entrepreneurship boot camps” but very few of them are run by people who’ve been exactly where you’ve been and know what you need. We are here to mentor you and work side by side with you.

This is not your typical hackathon where you are left to your own devices for 48hrs to go build something. Rather, we have built a crash course to teach you how to go from idea to prototype and we will be side by side working with you.

How much does it cost?
The program costs $99 which covers all the day’s activities.
Is there discounted pricing?

Yes. You get a 50% discount if you enroll by June 1st 2018.

What will the day look like?

Breakfast will be available in the morning and the program starts promptly at 9a. We will offer a series of guest speakers and who have built successful companies to show you the ropes. The full detailed agenda will be released closer to the program start date.

Am I a good candidate for Next Shark Academy?

We’ve learned time and again that it’s not so much about the idea as it is about the team behind it. We’re looking for people who are malleable, willing and ready to take feedback and practice it. Finally, we look for curiosity in our program participants. There’s nothing quite like a person who asks lots of questions.

Where is the program located?

Our program will be located in Chicago at (306) 369-6482, Chicago’s startup hub, in the iconic Merchandise Mart. Once you are accepted into the program and invited into our private Facebook Group, you can also coordinate with fellow NSA attendees on transportation.

Who can attend?

Anyone with a passion or curiosity for startups is eligible to apply.

Have more questions?

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