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Custom Tailored Cloud Computing Solutions - Powerful and Efficient


Global Network

Comprehensive Secure and Redundant Connectivity Solutions at Lightning Fast Speeds

Global Network - Local Speed

Cloud Computing

Most Scalable, Easy to Use and Cost Effective Cloud Solutions

Comprehensive Cloud Computing Solutions

Take Your Business to New Heights

With Our Massively Scalable Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

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Internet of Things and Big Data

Powerful Solutions for Big Data Analytics & The Internet of Things Connected Devices

Powerful Big Data & Internet of Things Solutions


Virtual Cloud, Private Cloud, Managed Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Dedicated Cloud - CLOUD, LEGACY, HYBRID and MORE!!

Managed IT

Our experts can manage all aspects of your IT infrastructure allowing you to focus on your core business.


Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud environments for the best in scalability, security, control, reliability and performance custom tailored to your needs.

Security / Backup

Comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery DR Solutions tailored to your specific needs for maximum value and peace of mind


ULTIMATE SPEED, SECURITY, RELIABILITY and VALUE. Upto 100G Multihomed Networks, Dual Redundant Power Feeds and Biometrics to Each Rack or Cage Door


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  • $595
  • 16 Intel Xeon Cores
  • 64 GB Ram
  • 1000 Gb Storage
  • Unlimited Transfer
  • Smart Hands

  • $2595
  • 80 Intel Xeon Cores
  • 256 GB Ram
  • 4000 GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Transfer
  • Smart Hands

  • $5950
  • 128 Intel Xeon Cores
  • 1024 GB Ram
  • 10,000 GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Transfer
  • Smart Hands



Massive Scale + Efficient Design = Lowest Cost

Internet of Things
Big Data Analytics
Enterprise Cloud Computing

Timely, Accessible, Relevant and Actionable Data

Elegant, Powerful and Effective Cloud Analytics and Solutions

Cloud Neutral Solutions

Vendor Neutral
Customer Specific
Cloud Solutions

Multiple Platforms
SaaS, PaaS & IaaS
Extreme Flexibility

Unparalleled Power
Yet Lowest Cost

Best of Class Data and Physical Security Systems Integration For Comprehensive Security

Enterprise Data Security

Rigorous Security Audits

Proactive Security Measures

Highly Trained Security Personnel


Redundant Massive Network Connected to over 300 providers

Self Healing Extreme Speed Network

Multi Redundant Network

Massively Connected

Lighting Fast

Private Connections


Happenings in the Cloud Computing World


The Cloud and the Internet of Things (IOT) – IOT and the Cloud. It’s the chicken and egg all over again. One thing’s for certain – advancements in Cloud technology has made adv[...]

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IPV6 gives increased network performance in 18% of websites tested

Vaibhav Bajpai and Jürgen Schönwälder from the University of Bremen looked at the response times for the internet’s top 10,000 most-visited websites (according to Alexa) over both IPv4 and IP[...]



Legal responsibility for disaster recovery is no longer limited to the executive corner office. Today, new federal laws and regulations make it everyone’s concern. Disaster Recovery Planning is [...]

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Why Cloud Computing? What are the Benefits of Cloud Computing?

Total Reliability and Economy for Small Business to Powerful Enterprise Big Data & Internet of Things Applications

Big Data and Internet of Things and Cloud Computing

When you choose Cloud Solution People we provide you with a custom tailored cloud with the highest level of security, reliability and peace of mind with instant scalalability up or down whenever you need.   When you choose a modern cloud environment custom tailored to your needs by Cloud Solution People you are able to have the most powerful yet easy to control available anytime environement with no single point of failure resulting in the most robust, powerful computing environment at the least cost.

Cloud Computing

Benefits of Cloud?


What do people have to say:

Cloud Solution People Managed Services allowed us to eliminate our internal IT department almost entirely. It is very efficient. All our staff can use it easily both in and out of the office. This allows us to focus on, the job we're best at doing. Marc Westbrook
Cloud Solution People migrated us from a legacy standard server set up to a scalable cloud solution. Our IT costs have decreased drastically and our productivity is dramatically improved. Due to the nature of our business data security and backup is a serious issue for us. It is reassuring to know that the security levels provided are higher than our requirements and that our information is always safe.Jeff Johnson
Cloud Solution People are outstanding. They have the forethought to anticipate the needs of a new client and have always gone above and beyond of what was expected.Bruce Stewart
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