You Know You Have Been in The Middle East Too Long When...

If you have ever lived in the Land of Sand then this book will take you to a time when you shook your head, smiled a little and wondered just what you had gotten yourself into.

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Your wandering sandy soul will rejoice as you read this book.

And you knew you had lived in the Middle East too long when...

Going Home

... you thought that going home was just an expensive holiday.

The Heat

... you needed a sweater when it was 300 celsius.


... your idea of housework was leaving a list for the maid.


... Friday meant brunch at the Ritz.


... you thought it was ok to park anywhere as along as your hazards were on.


... was the interval between the time it took for the light to turn green and for the guy behind you to lean on his horn.

This Expat Abroad

The latest from this Expat Abroad

My Expat Life

The expat life has its challenges. It's not home. The sooner you leave notions of home behind, the sooner you will settle into life as an an expat.

Don't let it bother you that hot water runs from the cold tap, that there are no rules of the road, that bottled water is cheaper here than at home. This is my world. This is the latest.

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Total Car Accidents


Total Stray Compound Cats


Days Until Next Holiday


# Times You Have Washed the Dishes

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You Know You Have Been in the Middle East When... (2nd Edition)

More photos, more quotes and more fun.

A Message from the Author

My name is Bonnie Morrice. I have lived the expat life for more than 15 years. It's a journey. I have found that life is not measured in the number of miles travelled but in the quality of friends along the way. I hope you enjoy reading the book as I enjoyed making it.

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