NexusRenaissance Series
System Setup


Software Version: 1.23
Build Date: Jul 11 2017 20:09:59
IP address:
Host Name: NEXUS816

To flash the front panel leds, click

Welcome. This page, and the pages that follow will guide you through the setup of your Nexus Audio Systems multiroom controller. Please note that system setup should be performed by a qualified installer/technician. Please see below for a brief description of the setup pages.

IR Learning: This page allows you to teach infrared remote control codes into the C-816 for control of IR controllable devices. Please note thet you will need to be in close proximity to the front panel of the C-816 to accomplish IR learning.

IR Passthrough: Allows you to adjust the IR modulation frequency for signals coming from the various keypads or touch panels.

Zone/Source Naming: Allows you to specify the names of sources and zones(room names) in the system. These will then be displayed on the keypads/touch panels.

Input Level Trim: Allows you to make adjustments to the input levels of the various audio sources for better consistency between inputs.

Paging Setup: Allows you to select which zones will respond to a paging trigger, and at what volume level.

Zone sharing: Allows you to link up to three zones together so they will act as a single zone.

USB: Used for software updates, and loading of files.

Master/Slave: Allows you to set the C-816 as a slave, thus making it possible to link two units together for more zones. NOTE: If you are programming a system which includes a slave unit for zones 9-16, please make sure it is connected to the master unit, and powered up.