The growth mindset theory was brought to prominence by Carol Dweck, a Stanford psychology professor, and in simple terms it suggests that “we can grow our brain’s capacity to learn and to solve problems”. Rather than labeling people as smart or not, musical or not, good at math or not, talented or not, and so
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Watch PART 1 of the Interview here. Listen to Lauren Pritchard as she explains how she began her work as an Ascension Coach (01:11) and her opinions on: – What is the correlation between science and spirituality? (03:28) – Who are the Arcturians and Pleiadians? (04:11) – What is the effect of alcohol on one’s
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Most homeowners would agree that having a beautiful outdoor deck for BBQs, parties, relaxing, and enjoying the sunset is a welcome addition to your house. Who doesn’t love sunbathing, walking barefoot, and grounding? But due to season after season of harsh weather conditions, your home’s deck can be ruined and the thought of walking barefoot on
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The Basics of the Quote-to-Cash (Q2C) Process

What goes into your pricing discussions and metrics? If you’re like many businesses, you take into account the product or service, as well as the people costs and other expenses. But there’s a process that’s more encompassing and therefore more holistic, too: quote-to-cash.

How to Start Your Own Real Estate Business The Idea Hunters

The real estate industry is no doubt a lucrative one. There’s no wonder why many people jump into this business. The promise of having a big income, the freedom of working for yourself or being your own boss, having more time for your family, and doing what you do. That’s just a few of the

Is Your Sales Data Causing Inaccurate Forecasting_ The Idea Hunters

By definition, forecasting is inexact. It is a data-focused assessment of possibilities; and yes, there is a lot of guesswork involved. The ideal is to minimize the guesswork through the systems and strategies you implement – as well as the accuracy of the data you use.

5 Ways to Increase Customer Retention

Smart business owners are constantly searching for effective ways to increase customer retention while also reducing their costs on acquiring new ones. Depending on who you ask, retaining customers is either valuable — or really, really valuable. By some estimates, a repeat customer is the equivalent of striking gold. One study found that increasing customer retention rates

House Flipping for Maximum Profit

There are countless ways an entrepreneurial individual can make money from real-estate, such as house flipping. Thanks to shows like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Property Brothers and Trading Spaces, house flipping has skyrocketed in popularity.

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  If you have been searching online for tips, tricks, and hacks to lower your electric bill, this article is for you. Want to reduce your monthly electric bill? Here are 5 tips to help you keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket instead of going into the energy company’s bank account: 1.
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Keeping your employees “engaged” is among the buzziest of buzzwords for companies looking to attract talent and grow their business. Millennials more than any other generation are seeking engagement with their job, meaning it’s not enough for them to clock in, sit at a desk, and clock back out. As a result, companies and startups

How a Typical B2B Buyer Searches for Tech Solutions

Information available to a B2B buyer in today’s digital milieu has always been a double edged sword for sales and marketing. It works for you if you can control it. Information comes from your sales team, your website and your press releases. Outside that – it’s a free-for-all. As we all know, the latter is
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What to do when you want to completely change over your job the idea hunters

Sometimes life works in a straight line. Maybe you knew right away what you wanted to do as a career, so you followed a pretty straightforward path from high school to post-secondary education to working your way up through the responsibility levels in your chosen field. But for many of us, that line isn’t always
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Are you able to handle all the emotions that come with failing? If you don’t, you’re definitely not alone. Rejection is the single biggest apprehension of outsiders-looking-in when it comes to sales. Don’t think that all is lost. Sure, being a salesperson, you need to have thick skin—but a big step toward overcoming sales rejection is preparation.