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art glass productions, cast or blown hot glass

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your vision. our talent.�
creating the impossible.

tom gottlesben's vision. our glass.

we personally hand-make everything you see.

welcome to the world's finest accredited organization of glassworkers for creating custom hand made high-end art glass, cast hot glass art, and laser crystal art glass! exactly "how, when, and where" you want it. worldwide!  since 1977.

custom made cast glassfinally, you have a plausible alternative for custom art glass productions, cast hot glass art, and art crystal glass laser holograms with custom images inscribed inside of a solid block of crystal glass.  we support all ranges of consumers and now we're directly available for your exclusive custom hot art glass needs whether it's blown, fused, slumped, cast, free hand-formed, as well as any laser inscribed or engraved crystal needs.  whether for retail, wholesale, or just for your exclusive personal use.

we are offering you custom original glass of art gallery quality, production non-art replications, all the way to traditional hot glass fabrications.  our leading edge experience and innovative talents have fortuned us working with several of the world's most popular art glass glassmasters, and now we are available directly to you.

we can customize each art glass piece to meet your individual particular or precise needs.  your conceptual requirements will be only limited to your imagination, needs, or desires.  we can create your custom project in endless varieties of shapes, colors, textures, patterns, designs and glass types of every size, scale or scope...

we have provided consumers world-wide with custom original museum quality art glass pieces, art glass productions, and sub-surface laser inscribed crystal art projects.  our superior glassblowing artists, hot glass castings artists, our hot glass art sculpture�s talents, all the way to our highly complex cad computerized and laser guided crystal art sub-surface inscribing technicians are all here for you to utilize...  

every art piece project or crystal art product that we make is made within the united states of america.


custom art glass productions

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