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Our founding story can be found a little lower in the page but for now the only thing we want to talk about is social apps and which ones meet your needs as a citizen of the digital planet.

Google Play and the Apple App Store are both full of social application with many of them trending one day and forgotten about the next. How can you avoid wasting your time creating a digital profile and investing time in social apps that will never make it out of the shadows and take a place in your heart? The answer is to check out our site and we can help you navigate this cluttered landscape. Our App review team are passionate about the digital social space and are keen to share their knowledge and insights.

Social & Chat

From Whatsapp to Tinder, which is the chat app for me? Am I looking for friendship or a little more and which apps should parents(and partners) be wary of? Visit our Apps Page to find out more about the various social apps available to you.


Are you looking to get more out of your social experience? Need Wallpapers for WhatsApp or Beauty Face for your Tinder Profile? Our Apps Page is the best place for social utilities.

Who Are We?

Whats That App are a group of app fanatics who are looking to become the premier App review web portal. We bring you fair, honest app reviews that will help you decide what apps belong on your phone and what apps are better off left in the AppStore graveyard.

The idea for WhatsThatApp borne out of a late night WhatsApp conversation by a couple of social app fans. They were discussing the rumors surrounding the monetization of WhatsApp and what other social apps were available to them should WhatsApp start charging for their service. The debate as to which app was better raged on for hours; with each participant having different requirements. The debate continues to this day; the only difference is that now its online in the public domain.

Why trust us?

Whats That App is impartial and fair. We are passionate about all things digital. We believe that our insights and advice can really make a difference in the digital social landscape.

We are active online social influencers who communicate with our friends, family and potential partners online every day. Our backgrounds range from digital copywriters to admin staff at a digital agency. We bring you a unique insight into the world of social media applications, mobile chat and media sharing.

Make your own mind up, browse our current reviews and pop us a mail if there is anything you want us to add or if there are apps that you would like to more about that we haven't yet reviewed.