Snutgir - a Learning Experience.

Learn and create fun games in scratch

  • SCRATCH Programming
  • Learn the very first logical coding in scratch.
  • Hands on Scratch programming.
  • Create games in scratch.
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Enter the world of LEGO MINDSTORMS with the EV3

  • Set up EV3, Create robots
  • Program to command the Robot
  • Do mini projects based on individual ideas, get familiiar.
  • Progress gradually to create robots with more functions/capabilities
  • If you like what you have learned about Robots, go for preparing to compete in ROBOCUP Junior,LEGO league and local and national competitions
  • Learn through the competitions, get exposure to what other teams got in programming robots and do your projects here in Snutgir with guide.
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ELECTRONICS 101 - Fun with Circuits

  • Concepts and Hands on
  • Learn basic components in Electronics
  • Build simple electronic Circuits
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Step in to Arduino programming

  • Simulate Robotics programming with software (no hardware)
  • Physical computing with open source Arduino
  • Make a dancing BOT, Battle Bot, MBOT.
  • MBot Programming
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Coding and Development

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Enter into the world of cloud computing

  • Learn cloud programming and architecture with AWS
  • Learn Design and Development in micro services architecture
  • Learn Java programming right from basic to advanced
  • Learn how to develop App
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