Do you have school today?

I can't tell a lie.

Neither of them was present at the meeting.

Look Raman, it's stopped raining.

I hope Dawson trusts me.

The country isn't rich in natural resources.

We met last year and hope to meet again next year.

That's where they found Stephe's body.

I want to plant a vegetable garden.

Kinch would've given up.

We cannot do without water even for a day.

When there's a will, there's a way.

I'll talk to you later.

I'm afraid of injections.

The workflow is illustrated in the following chart.

Rafael likes singing.


Three is one half of six.

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What if I say "no"?


They walk too slow.

I just thought of a wonderful idea.

I'm seeing a side of you I never knew existed.


The library books were out of order.

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Andries is selfish and greedy.

It may never happen again.

He is not so tall.

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He dreaded having to spend Christmas in hospital.


Olivia and Emma are friends.


You can resolve this as a system of equations.

I can't believe it! She said she is having triplets!

You're just going to have to get used to it.

I didn't want to go.

The fun is just getting started.

Caroline got up early so he could see the sunrise.

I didn't know you were coming to visit.

I have no objection, but I'm not in favor of it, either.

That's my face right now.

I thought I could do it without anybody's help.

Don't you always do what's expected?

Sue and I have always got on well.

Tait got the hint.

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Both sides accepted the proposal.

My mother is against smoking.

In Ankara, all the seasons are like winter.

Justin knows how to do this.

There are clean plates inside the closet and on the table.

The robber stood surrounded by ten policemen.

Different flowers represent different meanings.


Tomorrow is Mother's Day in Brazil.


You're very patient, so why are you being so unreasonable about waiting ten more minutes?

The whole mountain turns red in autumn.

He telephoned me again and again.

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I hear Latin music is taking the music industry by storm this year.

It is easy to make a man one's friend, but hard to keep him so.

By the time our mother came, we had cleaned our room.

She accused her son of wasting his life.

You must not only vote, you have an obligation to.

I'd better be on my bicycle.

Let's just end this.


We're soul mates.

Ah, me!

A bar in Shanghai started selling my favorite beer, so I'll take the opportunity to taste some.

Why were you talking to them?

Kathryn bakes bread about once a week.

We know what we're up against.

Muiriel is slandering me!

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As there were no clients, we closed the shop earlier.

Konstantinos has dark, mysterious eyes.

Between you and me, he cannot be relied upon.

The defendant is free to go.

Is this your idea of a joke?

Who would ever want to leave here?

The rope was a couple of meters too short.


She may not be aware of the danger.

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All of sudden all the lights went out.

Did you actually see the accident?

Did Jordan just leave?

The red lines on the map represent railways.

He will keep us informed.


I think it's highly unlikely that you'll be able to do that by yourself.

What are you studying about?

Norma didn't catch the ball.

Edgar is proud of his past.

He bought two horses at the fair.

Please, let me go through!

Piotr put his notes back into his briefcase.

I'll decide that later.

I'm here because I think I can help you.

Marie complained about the heat.

What's wrong with my idea?

I suppose I could ask her.

I want to punch you in your face.

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If a tree falls in the forest, and there's nobody around to hear, does it make a sound?


If you are going to America, brush up your English.

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I got you something to eat.

I know that she is Spanish.

I speak many languages.


I was constrained to tell a lie.

That's what I don't understand.

Look at this picture of her.

He is a good loser.

Not everyone who lives here is rich.

He has been to Switzerland before.

This book, which I've read two times, was a present from Peter.

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For some reason it looks to be turning out to be a depressing week.


The heat withered the flowers.

That charity is named after someone who contributed about two billion yen.

Dirk received a patdown search at the airport.

I fell asleep while reading a book.

Your blood is red.

She looked as if she had been ill.

He saved money little by little, so that he could build a new house.

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Dawson tried to help Sal.


Is this your first visit?


Do you mean "cereal" or "serial"?


I'll get the guns.

You're really hard to understand.

She realized her ambition to be an actress.

The trees have begun to bud.

Fate has decreed that all lazy boys who come to hate books and schools and teachers and spend all their days with toys and games must sooner or later turn into donkeys.


Vinod asks me the same questions every time he sees me.

He asked his brother to execute his will.

My little brother ran through the living room stark naked.

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I'm not giving up on him.

I'll wait a little longer.

He remained abroad ever since then.


Trevor won the gold medal.

Hurry up, please.

Loyd doesn't eat as much as Maarten.

Please remind me to turn in the paper.

Can I give you some money?

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The staff exchanged frank opinions in the meeting.


Sir, have you seen Sir Cyrano?

His work was satisfactory.

This will be your umbrella, I suppose.


I have been anxious about my son's safety.

The launching of artificial earth satellites is commonly looked upon as an exploration of space.

He was white-lipped.

She was brought up in the lap of luxury.

This room fits just under fifty people.


Sal's looking for work.

I hope you'll get over your cold soon.

Do you wish that you had more money?

Give this to them.

A thousand pardons for coming into your house so late.


The girl took the cake for her wonderful dancing at the recital.

You should not think little of this result.

I'm the only one who survived.

The meat's gone bad.

You are my hero.

I'll call you back in an hour.

I'm a great singer.

We'll continue the discussion later.

Don't go by what the newspapers say.

What does "Tatoeba" mean?

On the sea, we are victorious.

We wanted to do it right away.

Why should they change?


I would gladly help you, only I am too busy now.

Cristi heard everything they said.

Larry used to be confident.

My name is Edward, but everyone calls me Ned.

He presented an argument for the war.

Rafael left home ten years ago.

You should meet him.