Brick breaker, but with kaboom.

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The game is now available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

How to Play Now

The game is simple. Break the bricks. Each brick has a number, which is how many times it must be hit to be destroyed. Some bricks explode, some don't.

Collect extra balls to make the game easier. Collect coins to purchase power-ups*.

Project ODSIUS

A spygame RPG

Explore your area

Choose a side, and fight for power against corruption. Enjoy the outdoors, while collecting information on a rogue intelligence group . Complete missions with or against friends, because you never know who is a double-agent. Fight the growing terrorist organization known as the Kongbu (Project ODSIUS), or fight against the Office of Domestic Intelligence and Security in order to fully integrate Project TODIRU into society

Project TODIRU

Fight Project ODSIUS, choose a side, become a double-agent. Visit real-world locations to collect intelligence on the Office of Domestic Security and Intelligence in order to fight for the Kongbu.

Trump Jump

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A project developed by one of our original employees as a side-project. In this game, help a poorly drawn comical rendition of President Trump navigate his political obstacles, such as a terrible rendition of Hillary Clinton's face, a Hillary 2016 arrow, protests, the FBI, and more. Whether you like President Trump or, dislike him, this game will amuse you while waiting for the train, elevator, or other irritator of your impatience. Make Trump Jump infinitely to keep his opponents from taking him down, or watch as they take him down.


Not exactly. It is a neutral game. There are no political views being pushed. Do you want to have President Trump succeed? Would you rather see him fall, or be taken out by one of his many opponents?

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