I really do wish you could come with us.

I'd better get home.


You seem nice.

Is it possible to be here a little longer?

I do not altogether agree with you, but that is a fair point you have raised.

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It's six of one and a half dozen of another.

If you already know, why are you still asking?

I don't know how they're going to avoid it.

Eli helped the teacher decorate the classroom for Valentine's Day.

I'm no longer afraid.


"Who broke the window?" "She did."

He smokes a pack of cigarettes a day.

I told you I made a mistake.

I have soft stools.

I won't be needing this.

I remember it, too.

What are you going to do with this money?

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A girl was attacked in the subway. What's the most shocking is that no passanger intervened.

I see no conspiracy there.

What's your plan with Roxanne?


Strange to say, he didn't know the news.

Your car is repaired now.

Patience is essential for a teacher.

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Not so fast!

I appreciate your patience.

I'm only the messenger.

We will do anything for you.

She doesn't speak three foreign languages.

I do not have a sister.

Toft doesn't look reassured.

How many flights to New York do you offer a day?

On the way out I said to my waitress, "Be careful, Sue. There's something funny about the glasses you gave me - they're filled in on the top, and there's a hole on the bottom!"

Ning was sitting on a log.

Mr. Fuji died, leaving 4 children behind him.


It sounds like you still love Vic.

Ted was popular.

Suzanne went to Boston to attend a conference.

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I was there with Ritalynne.

You need bread, sausage, and cheese?

Sheila and Lyndon have the same birthday.


I put it back where it belonged.


She flapped at the fly with a newspaper.

I do not like him, but I like her.

You get more handsome every year.

I think it'd be fun.

Les and Rhonda are discussing the situation.

I don't speak any French at all.

He took some horrible pictures of me.


I think the only problem I have now is being shut in at home.

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We still haven't heard from Alex.

What does this all mean?

Part didn't stay with us.

Agatha offered no apologies.

I didn't tell her everything.

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I have to send these letters.

I persuaded him to consult a doctor.

Eileen and Penny split the bill.


Denis is still working here, isn't he?

The director is away on a trip.

My sister resembles my mother.

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When children are ordered to do a certain thing by such adult standards, they frequently refuse to follow the instructions for no other reason than that they have been told to do so.

Have you got a dog?

Have you seen him before?

Mr George is liked by all the students.

The rock star is an idol of the teenagers.

You'll have to wear warm clothes, otherwise you'll catch a cold.

I tried to avoid him as much as possible.


How do we know that she is who she says she is?

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I thought the plan was to arrive early.

Who wants to party?

We enjoyed ourselves at the picnic.

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I pretended that I didn't know what was going on.

Tell me the right time, please.

When did you meet?

Have you told her I'm here?

What Manuel ate was delicious.

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They drink coke.

Culture destroys languages.

He doesn't stand a chance against his opponent.

What goes on in this room?

No one's listening.

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More often than not, students prefer club activities to academic classes.

I was not a bit tired.

Many good people die every day.

She's going to sit on the yellow couch.

Surya wrote a book while he was in Australia.


Even a child could understand what I'm telling you.

The train is twenty minutes behind time.

I'm sorry to differ with you.


I think I've found a meteorite.

What brought you to Korea?

My notebook is pink.

We watch movies on the DVD every Saturday night.

He sent a letter addressed to his uncle.

I have to get back to my office.

A big tree in the field was struck by lightning.

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Even though she was a child, she wasn't afraid.

Do you really trust me?

He came up with a terrific solution to the complex problem.

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They kissed inside the planetarium.


Is Kamiya babbling?


Jim is not a lawyer but a doctor.

We were supposed to have lunch together, remember?

Women who drink beer from a bottle don't appeal to me.

Herve tiptoed quietly across the hall.

Adjust your tie.


How many times have I told you not to do that?


Let me tell you something.

Didn't you wear that yesterday?

The disappearances of seven female college students have seized the nation's attention.

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If it's a good day tomorrow, let's go to the river to swim.

Bingley likes your sister undoubtedly; but he may never do more than like her, if she does not help him on.

He often goes to the library by car.


I just wanted to say good luck.

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Raman needs to hire a private detective.

We live in a cozy little house in a side street.

Those terms are generally not considered synonymous with one another.


That really isn't what I meant.

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The police want to interrogate Kimmo.

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Jianyun set his alarm for 2:30.

A lot of trees were cut down.

Sho told everybody in his class to come to his party.


The path through the forest was completely covered in snow.


I don't think either of us wants that to happen.


Henry and I have been out of touch with each other for a long time.

I just don't know what to say.

Do you know whose dog this is?

That can be arranged.

There was very little in the way of entertainment.

Melinda is still financially dependent on his parents.

You know what?

I'm not your enemy.

I thought you'd reach the same conclusion as I did.


I am grilling fish.

Have you completely lost your mind?

He cannot have said that.

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You seem to be on a very tight schedule.


I've got to get to him.

Rainer needs medical attention immediately.

Don't call me a moron.

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I've always been a romantic at heart.

Are you the new assistant?

I really like travelling by ship.

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Liz ran out into the street.

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A hungry bear will eat even insects.

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He's going to go and lie down for a bit.

Will Typhoon No. 12 hit the Kyushu district?

That ship has sailed.

Saify is a kind and obedient man.

This is your dog.


The weather was magnificent.


Do you really care when I get this done as long as I get it done?

I can't care anymore.

It seems that his sister is a good cook.