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One simple form allows you to contact weighing industry professionals that are ready to reply directly to you. You decide which companies will have the opportunity to serve you.

Use this service to ask questions, request quotes, catalogs, or information for any type of scale or weighing related system. Our scale manufacturers and distributors, welcome your inquiries.

Scale Buyers' Guide has helped people meet their weighing and measurement needs since 1996. We don't sell weighing equipment: we put you in contact with companies that do. Whether you're looking to weigh hogs, cattle and other livestock or need a loader scale for your mine, the companies that list with us are here to meet your needs.

How does this work?

Remember the days of picking up the phone and calling umpteen different companies and saying the same thing over and over? Scale Buyers' Guide has helped eliminate that step for over 17 years.

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It's really that simple: Complete our Request a Quote form with the information related to your weighing needs, be it service, repair or looking to buy a new or used system.

Send your request directly to any or all of the companies listed on Scale Buyers' Guide and they will respond directly to you. No middle man.

What if I don't know exactly what I need?

Simply provide as much information as you can and the companies you select will help best they can.

Will Scale Buyers' Guide respond to my request?

Scale Buyers' Guide does not sell, repair or service any weighing equipment. We simply put you in direct contact with the companies that can.

Who are the companies that list on Scale Buyers' Guide?

The companies listed on Scale Buyers' Guide are scale professionals that pay to be listed for the chance to receive your requests.

We do not actively look for companies to add to our list - these scale professionals want to be here and want to help you find the perfect system for your weighing application.

I would prefer a local company...

Many of the companies listed have offices and branches all over the United States, Canada and the world.

Provide at least your city, state/province and postal code, and the companies can put you in contact with the right people.