About Us

Situated in the heart of Old Basing, we have been established for over 30 years.

Our preschool is bright and homely with a fantastic outdoor area for children to enjoy; an environment that is safe and secure.

Our well-resourced playroom offers a wide and exciting range of learning experiences where children can play, learn, explore and flourish as individuals.

All activities are planned and carried out with the children’s interests in mind, from role play and crafts to participation in the village carnival we ensure that every child gains a positive exposure to life, learning through participatation in fun and engaging activities.

As a registered charity and parent committee led preschool, your child’s safety, enjoyment and education is our main priority

At Bolton Under 5s Preschool we will support children to build the foundations that prepare every child for their Reception year at school, when they will be ready to:

  • Approach the world with curiosity and the knowledge and skills that lead to success in maths and science: a growing interest in the properties of things and the relationships and forces that exist in the natural world.
  • Use their social skills to perform in a school classroom: listening skills, self-discipline, patience, and discipline for the task, ability to work with others, and ability to solve problems.

Our Aim

At Bolton under 5s Preschool, we strive to create a warm and stimulating environment where learning is fun for all of the children.
We ensure there is a balance of both child and adult led engaging activities that promote and extend children’s curiosity and awareness of the world around them.

Our effective primary approach is learning through play and exploration.  Staff support and encourage every child to grow in confidence, self-esteem and independence preparing them for their next big steps in life.

We treat each child as an individual who has needs that will be met in an atmosphere that promotes and celebrates diversity.  We will commit to nurture your child’s social and emotional skills.   We want all children, parents and staff to learn together, and for all to develop to their maximum potential.

Our highly skilled team aim to

  • Provide a welcoming environment where every person matters.
  • Ensure children feel safe and secure in our care.
  • Enable children to form positive and trusting relationships with their peers and with adults.
  • Provide experiences for children to explore and learn from.
  • Provide a range of learning opportunities which support the development of each individual child.
  • Ensure children, staff and parents have a good understanding of healthy lifestyles.
  • Work wth parents and carers and value their contributions.
  • Promote a brighter future for us all by developing the potential of the children, parents, staff and wider community.