I just couldn't let that happen.

Gunnar will be difficult to beat.


He finally decided to get married.

Shahid sent flowers to his mother.

It's hard to keep up with them.


You can never be happy if you feel envious of other people.

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The secret service guards him against attack.

Yesterday, I cooked Okonomiyaki.

What's your favourite advert?

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It was that dog that bit my hand.


I'm losing business.

The table was covered with paper.

Did you wash your hands?


I just want to hug you.

Some people believe that Galileo was the first person who built a telescope. While this is not true, he was the first person who published his observations of astronomical objects through a telescope.

As long as a woman can look ten years younger than her own daughter, she is perfectly satisfied.

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Have him join us.

What would you do without us?

List never told me that he had children.

Hsi has done a very good job.

The interior of the house was very attractive.


Whether you will succeed or not depends on your efforts.

That's unfair.

Who won the game?

We need to get this safe open.

Today we know that George Orwell was an optimist.


Westbound traffic won't be affected by the construction.

We had lunch at Chuck's Bar and Grill.

Want to come with us and try?


State Capitalism could be democratic or authoritarian.

He easily gets angry at trivial things.

I'm not home.

How do babies communicate with their parents?

Hope springs eternal in the human breast.

Do you actually live here?

I like both the song and its lyrics.

She pointed out my mistake.

I cannot help laughing at her joke.

We used to sit on these steps and talk.

You need a lot of money so that you may learn in that school.

Maria is trying to get Stephan to agree to help him.

Will the train leave on time?


Carisa has a drug problem.

I'm sure I can persuade you.

He is hunted by the police.


My mother died during my absence.


I'm not sure what I should read: Harry Potter or the Bible?

I've never finished reading the books that I don't like.

A quarrel arose about what to do with the land.

I know how happy you are.

Randal is deranged.

Most people won't pick up hitchhikers.

I saw you staring at them.


Takeuchi may be an accessory to murder.

You may take what you need.

It was Sunday and I wasn't about to get up early.

Rolfe has nobody to turn to for help.

By the way, are you free this afternoon?


Ted knew it was going to be tough to convince Pratt that she was too old to drive.

I try not to get too involved in the games I watch on TV, but I always end up in a bad mood if my favorite team loses.

He took care of the business after his father's death.

Sandy is also a friend of Leads's.

My dog is blind, but he loves to go out for a walk.


We drink water.

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I want to tell them.


Hazel has been doing a pretty good job of eluding the police, but eventually he'll get caught.

Give me some sugar, too.

There must be some way of traversing the river.

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help.

Karis is Austrian.


I'm going to check in on him.


I watched him closely.

Stephe is too old to make it as a pop singer.

Express yourself as you please!

It took me several hours to draw it.

Is Josh talking to you yet?


Martin Scorsese is my favorite film director.

Do you think we should get involved?

You're quite right.

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Do you have a telephone?

We're not waiting around.

Why don't we go ahead and start the meeting?

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I've always been proud of Kevan.

Put this Japanese into English.

It wasn't Harmon's first time to hear Mwa sing.


Straighten up!

A strong wind blew yesterday.

I wasn't dishonest.

Sumitro isn't comfortable with her body.

The fire is remembered in history.

If you take a close look, you'll find that your friends and you have similar personalities.

We thought that it was natural that he should be punished.

According to a Cornell University study, unattractive defendants are 22 percent more likely to be convicted than good-looking ones.

Was it difficult to make?

I didn't have that much to drink.

He answered his parents back.

His letter says he'll arrive next Sunday.

Autumn is just around the corner.

I haven't heard from my son who is overseas.

Konstantinos and Naren both shouted as loudly as they could.


What did Sangho tell Fred?

Dory was in a hurry so he left his bed unmade.

I could go there now.


Call your sisters.

We are all in daily pursuit of happiness.

I think Ramon still hasn't left.


Anyone who has never strung a spinet, clavichord, or harpsichord cannot imagine what kinds of problems can arise, from the choice of strings, to the actual stretching of the strings until they are tuned.

Hughes was about to burst out crying.

Ji never told me about you.

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Tahsin left everything to his three grandsons.

Make something up.

It looks like we're going to have to walk.

She need not have kept silent.

Just how tiresome was it to argue straight against the phrase "Don't blindly follow the lead of the United States!"

It's what I want.

He knows how to spend his money.

You look content.

You are not to blame, nor is he.

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The President will make a speech over the radio.

This is where it began.

Ahmed is a student.


I'm really happy I did it.

This almost works.

Do you know much about music?

What's made you think that he'd want to kiss you?

Children don't always listen to their parents.

The young woman who works at the bakery is pretty.

Which word processor do you prefer?

Pontus loves listening to classical music.

Jerry, if you're not going I'm not going either.

Christophe has a nasty cut on his cheek.

I know something you don't.

Would you rather visit Boston or Chicago?

Actually that I bring a huge volume of reference material with me is a makeshift way of preventing people from disputing my case.

Kathryn's wife keeps him on such a short rope.

Would you like me to make you a sandwich?


All the Finnish love their language.


This room is not big.


Thanks for staying with me.

Linley has had a stroke.

Let's make a drawing.


Glynn made me promise not to tell.

I had a dream last night, about silk and fine cloth or about equality and fair trial.

Friday is near.

Tell me why you can't go.

I think he should apologize to the teacher.


He tried to sleep on the floor.


I got something else on my mind.


Why haven't you told your parents about us?

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We'll be out of here in a few minutes.

Is Dan going somewhere?

The more laws, the more offenders.

I'll be seeing him tomorrow.

A lot of villagers were killed by soldiers.


In the past it was perfectly normal to get the back of a teacher's hand or fist as punishment.

The man dancing on the stage is my uncle.

I'm tired of watching TV.


There's too much clutter in the house now that we have two kids.

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We visit the tombs of our ancestors on this day.