People need to know the truth that they matter. This TRUTH is why we created the I MATTER Pledge. This pledge simply states, “I choose to live and not end my life because:”
  1. I was created an original.
  2. I was created for relationship.
  3. I was created to fulfill a purpose.

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You Matter.
In this moment, in this place,
regardless of your last name,
your status on the team,
the letter at the top of the exam...
You matter.
A history will be written in your steps,
eyes and ears will see and hear the
beauty of who you are.
Trust in tomorrow,
believe in the story,
and hear me now...
Tell someone else they matter too.
About Dean Sikes
Taking words of hope to the next generation
Dean Sikes is a messenger of hope. Since January of 1993, he's spoken at over three thousand events, in seven nations of the world, with audiences that exceed 2.3 million students.

A published author, Dean has written seventeen books for teens.

Through our YOU MATTER Campaign, Dean is dedicated to our long-term mission of being on the road, where he's ministering words of hope that inspire a generation to more fully know God and His plan for their lives.

On average, Dean is on the road ministering at youth events eleven months each year. Together with his wife Lori and their three children, the Sikes family makes their home in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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