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Uniting cryptocurrency traders under one platform.

Simplifying trading for everyone.


Designing a platform for both beginner & advanced traders.

Generalizing cryptocurrencies & decentralization.

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Track and manage your assets - always stay updated

We give you the tools you need to track your cryptocurrency investments but also the possibility to share your portfolio to friends, family or the community.


Become a part of the community - follow top traders

We are proud of our community, by using our social features you can get tips from top traders on Altpocket or help others with their portfolios and investments.


Stay up to date with the latest ICOs

We list ICOs that we believe in on our ICO section of Altpocket, here you can stay up to date with the latest and hottest ICOs and communicate with the creators.

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We are launching our mobile application soon, in the meantime you can use our web app.


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