What was the nature of the relationship between Teri and Bud?

Can you tell a sheep from a goat?

He had blue eyes.

I think they have it right.

I didn't realize you couldn't understand French.

I had to take Christophe to the hospital.

I prefer to do it alone.

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She said I am the one, but the kid is not my son.


That's going to make Piercarlo very happy.


I made my way to the luggage office to collect the suitcase I had left there.


Jisheng thought Gypsy knew how much he hated opera.


I don't think Travis hates you.

I'm not going to help her.

I played soccer and my sister played tennis.

Whose book is this on the desk?

The number of people who smoke is increasing, so cancer will soon be the most common cause of death.

Jonathan, was that girl I saw you holding hands with yesterday a new girlfriend?

These monks live inside the monastery.

It's duck soup for a girl of easy virtue to find a new man.

Don't forget.


Go ahead, try it.

Are you still busy?

He rose to his feet to greet me.


Do you like black cats?

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I wish you'd go.

Make some hot tea for yourself.

The function has no side effects.

It's not safe to swim in that river.

You'd better take an umbrella with you.

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Friendship is the most precious of all.

Waves are generated by wind.

We don't have that.


They asked Becky to play the guitar.


It seemed so real, but I guess it was just a crazy dream.

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He defies the present government which is no less oppressive than its predecessor.

Is that radio program still on the air?

I choose to work.


Paola used to be my best friend.


I was really scared.

It makes all the children happy.

You smoke too much. You should cut back.

I just know Metin has to be stopped.

It'll take some time, but eventually Shyam will be able to walk again.

The kitten is taking a nap.

The woman's face was marked with grief.

I never see this picture without thinking of him.

I've never stolen anything from Jeanette.

I made my son a doctor.

Finally, we got to the Mississippi.

Lyndon has already left.

It could be a mistake.

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Where do you think the path leads?

She's smoking hot.

Dean knows where it is.


Would you mind if I ask why not?

Please give me a minute to explain.

Wait till I finish eating.


I'll do that later this afternoon.

I can read English, but I can't speak it.

He stood me up.

What a bunch of malarkey!

Well done! Your parents must be proud of you.

I have done what I could not leave.

When you compare this dictionary with that one, you can easily see which is better.

I don't know what I can do to help.

Who does your decorating?


Between us there is no problem.

Can you really swim?

He put all his money in the box.

Their oldest daughter isn't married yet.

My computer's acting up.

Is the guillotine still used by certain countries?

The nail went through the wall.

Am I the only one that doesn't agree with you?

There are some beautiful roses in the vase.


The situation Roberto described actually happened once in Boston.


Did he ask you out?


They don't like Kenn.

I don't feel so special.

Lisa was able to get us all tickets to tonight's concert.

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Who told the story to you?

Butter is sold by the pound.

Doing homework is extremely boring.


Tareq will start.


Sanford doesn't like broccoli.

I'd still like to know how you did that?

I didn't know you felt that way about Claudio.

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You know I can't wait for you if you're late.

Think about that.

The bomb was defused just minutes before it would have exploded.


He only had 100 dollars.

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I sent her an email.


Colin's cool, calm, and collected, even under pressure.

Can you please tell me your name once more?

To become an astronomer, you have to study the sciences thoroughly, but to become an astrologer, you just have to study the art of lying.


Have you tried restarting it?


Shahid tried to prepare himself.

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Generally speaking, men find it more difficult to talk about their feelings than women.

That was my biggest problem.

I don't think Lorien trusts Brodie.


What total nonsense!

I think you're pretty.

I can't believe you're so clueless. You're like a babe in the woods.

Shawn bought me roses.

The number one reason why friends dump their friends on Facebook is too many useless posts.

Martin is thinking of going to Boston next winter.

He's in the yard.

Lenny isn't much older than me.

I'm skinny.


We're downsizing.

I think we're out of gas.

It's already eleven o'clock. I must be leaving now.

Jane Smith works very hard at her office.

We didn't mean to disparage our contenders.

I didn't know them at that time.

It might keep on raining.

I dream in French.

Kyung says he only wants to talk to you.


He celebrated New Year's Eve alone.


The light of autumn afternoons colours the landscape in hues of yellow, orange, red, gold and brown.

His daughter has grown out of all her old clothes.

Soccer is the favorite sport of the French.

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I yelled at him.

When he said "water," she gave him water.

Let's see what can be done.

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Tell him I need some money.


Monetary value is the dominant value in American society.

They worked out a last minute deal.

You aren't allowed in this room.

That would take about three minutes.

Of their own accord they agreed to his plan.

This is not a book for children.

Could you fill out the medical certificate for my son's school?

Josh doesn't seem to be busy.

The girl did not say anything.

I wonder if Olivier has ever slept on a park bench.

I don't feel like going to the party.

I haven't seen it.

If I had had more time, I would have written to you.


I really must buy that radio next time I am in New York.

The fire was burning brightly.

We must hurry.

I don't care what you do to Kate.

If I read a thousand books in English, will I become fluent in it?

What are you going to do after you graduate?

It's time to wake Marvin up.

He got his discharge from the army.

He lives on his country estate.

Tell me where to find them.

Put it in the freezer.


They went to bed late.

The body was burned beyond recognition.

Marie gained weight.

Raphael was unsure how to react.

Everyone really likes it.


Did Ethan give you something for me?

Do you think I'm cool?

Rafael didn't enjoy his job.