By using Tatoeba, one learns languages.

I have no hair on my head.

Why didn't you stop?

The sea gulls are flying low.

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The car came to an abrupt stop.

I heard about your problems from Lou.

I asked Teresa if he could have it ready by 2:30.

Don't hesitate to ask a question if you don't understand.

Bjorne and the other farmers prayed for rain.

Your question is hard for me to answer.

That's a risky strategy.

You go to bed at eleven o'clock.

The power's out.

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You shouldn't rely on others. It's important to want to help yourself.

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I can run as fast as Giovanni.

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Carl hurt himself when he fell.

We should've stayed with Joni.

I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.


I found the earring that you lost.

The first two rooms were dark, in the third there was a light.

I sneeze a lot.

Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.

Have you seen Spike's phone?

It is good for them to work during their vacation.

I'm dependable.

Vick was a bit jealous.

I wanted to be them.


Should I include them?

People began to fear the worst.

She baked her husband an apple pie.


You're breaking my heart.

He is a most important person.

I'm just feeling down.

I didn't tell him everything.

The students applauded.

Water tries to find its own level.

Lots of things need fixing.

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Was this somebody else's idea?

An apple fell on the ground.

How could they not know?

Let's move along.

Are there always as many people here as there is today?

This book seemed interesting.

Rex didn't finish the race.

I spoke with him today.

He ought to have arrived here.

That accounts for the accident.

Saying "I'm not a racist, but..." in an introductory manner can sometimes be passed off as racist.

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I wanted to make a good first impression.

Jingbai refused to help Delbert escape.

I'll look after your affairs when you are dead.

Maybe Sumitro can be persuaded to help us.

His trip will keep him away from the office for a week.


You can't run away from me now.


Rupert has a really big day ahead of him.

Can you get him?

He is a painter.

Have you seen Phill's new car?

I hear from him once in a while.

Winston slept for a few hours.

Debbie recovered his balance immediately.

I'll stay here and watch you.

In order to live happily and healthily with parakeets or parrots, you should understand the science of animal behavior for domesticated birds, and consider the emotional effect of eventually losing them.

You can't feel at ease with a headache.

It makes no difference to me whether Fred came to the party or not.

We will only consent on that condition.

Subra will keep you company.

Can you come pick me up?

Everything's really cheap.

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You know what I meant.

My cat wants to eat an ostrich.

Kenton might not be the only one who wants to go home early.

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I really am busy.

Art is a cut above the rest.

I can't see in this light.


The teacher made all of his female students fall in love with him.


I think this is the only way to do this.

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He felt a bit better the next day.


I'm so glad that you're here.


She adjusted the clock.


The idea was brought into shape.

Don't go to sleep with the light on.

If it falls tomorrow, it will have been going down for a week.


What'll you do if you can't find enough food to feed your family?

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Don't raise Yvonne's hopes too much!

Up until three days ago, I'd never even heard of Sunil Jackson.

I don't think it's worth the price they're asking.

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Maybe it's a question of perception.

I'm not certain Louie is the one we should send to Boston.

Just stay away from my daughter.

Let's take a chance on the weather.

He could see the entire landscape from the top of the mountain.


What did we get from them?


Is it a direct flight?

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Stanly said it really did happen.

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I'm tired and I want to go home.

Suddenly everything went black and I lost consciousness.

He looked small next to my heavyset father.

He is leaving home now.

Access to the domestic market should act on the whole island as a powerful incentive for economic development.

I wanted to swim in this river.

In everyday life no one speaks in verse.


I've checked and rechecked the results.

Those proposals seem very much alike to me.

You're telling me.

I would like to know whether or not my luggage was reshipped to Tokyo.

My father gave up smoking for his health.

Just please do it.

Art thou being serious?

It's my treat.

I'm pretty sure that Skip has never been to Boston.

Before you give orders, you must learn to obey.

Where is the Turkish embassy?

We don't have that data.

My parents don't like my boyfriend because he's poor.

She has a great interest in house keeping.

He was a good fellow at heart.

Did Presley get the briefcase?

Then I sang a silly song about an ant who tried to wrestle a chewing gum.

Spock is at my place.

Olivier slept much longer than he had planned to.

What would you have done in Bret's place?

They scared us.


Dalton disappeared three days ago.

People danced in the streets.

The urban population of America is increasing.


The doctors tell you that he is brain-dead.

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Can you give me a kilo of plums?

I didn't know Mahesh was fat.

When she saw me, she ran away.


She painted the wall red.

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I thought the game was over.

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Geoff was taken by surprise.


Kiki shouldn't have spent so much money.

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No, I'm still a bachelor.


Why didn't you report it?

I was a little thrown.

Vishal does sloppy work.

The hostages reunited with their families.

Don't worry too much, or you'll go bald.

I can't say I'm shocked.

I love you, Fido.

Delete that picture.

I need to be at a meeting this afternoon.


There's a fine line between genius and stupidity.


I consulted with my sister.

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Even a loser can dress for success.

The anthropologist is piecing together pottery shards she unearthed at the excavation site.

Manavendra didn't have any of the details.


Recovery was almost impossible.

I will tell her about you.

Cows are eating grass in the meadow.

If I had worked hard in my youth, I would be successful now.

I don't know which doctor she meant.

The mountains lay covered with deep snow.

My boss praised me for my hard work.

Vice once owned this piece of land.

I only need one hundred dollars.

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Why are you tired?