Television viewers see only what the camera shows.

Micky gave me everything I needed.

The committee would like me to have someone to whom I can direct questions or go to for guidance about the city and its resources; I believe, therefore, that you would be a very good match.

Is that what you really wish?

He has come back from the office.

Plastic said John is a good man.

The audience buzzed with excitement.

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Nou is quite active for his age.

Tell him about it.

The subway in London is known as "the Tube."


You can't just make up the rules as you go along.


I wept in spite of myself.


"What is this? An offering?" "That's right. Put it in this offertory box ... and pull this rope."

What sort of work do you do?

The actor will play five characters in less than half an hour.

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Penny is happy to be alive.


Gabriel hasn't listened to the song yet.


I've mine right here in my hand.

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Let's go and watch the Easter parade.

Men must not dress in black and white clothes because it is said that this brings bad luck.

Life is a state of consciousness.


That's how we did it.

We've got to call them.

The students are very busy in preparation for the school festival.

I know Marty is worried.

I want to dye my friend's hair blonde.

Rolf can't tell you anything.

Dale never told his children that he loved them.

Do you like adventure stories?

We remind you that all library books are due to be returned by 15th October.

Many high-level officials attended the meeting.

I'm not afraid of her.


He met with an accident and broke some bones.


His words are totally believable.


He walked across the garden.

I swam in the sea.

Dan didn't even notice that Linda was gone.

All the soldiers were gallant.

Russell was too tired to even smile at Michelle.

He crossed the street.

Gerard wants to learn to speak fluent German.

Milner will be here by the end of the week.

I don't usually eat this late.

We imported this from Australia.

Jayant might still be in Boston.

Listen, um, I was wondering, what are you and Molly doing tonight?

Celia and Case ate gravlax.

Eva is in the attic.

Let's go to Shinjuku tomorrow morning.

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You cannot put time limits on grief.

I play the piano for amusement.

We're not going to let Markus go to the party.


Can it be that a white horse is not a horse?

I'm going back to college.

We're both very upset.


Plenty of people were waiting for the bus.

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I'm confused now.

We played basketball and then went to the beach.

No water, no life.

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Even though everything I said was true, I shouldn't have said it.

You are going to be OK.

The city was soon occupied by the soldiers.


Leora tasted the stew.

How's everybody?

Where did you lose them?

I need him to sign this.

Living is dear, accordingly we have to economize.


Whoo! I'm feeling that sake. I'm getting blurred vision and it's hard to walk.

She's usually here in the afternoons.

I wish I'd been born a Canadian.


It never happened again.

Chip was not able to sit for the exam because he was sick.

He hired Mara to kill Mr. Smith.

Let the kids off the bus first.

Toerless wasn't sure he liked the plan.

Records are particularly scarce for this era, perhaps owing to a long series of natural disasters which befell the capital.

I hope we survive.

It depends on many things.

The Anglo-Saxons displaced the Celts.

She's got the best grades.

For him, it always goes in one ear and out the other.


Do you really want to lose weight?

It happened in Milwaukee.

I wanted to show him your book.


I was young and strong back then.

She's an Asian-American.

I'm sleepy.

We would like to buy a sofa.

Anita is very protective of his daughter.


Chris is willing to pay Gabriel whatever she asks for.

It's the first time I pray in a mosque.

Water was dripping from the tap.

Industrial disputes are still a problem.

Even if the villages of this region have been destroyed, their names will never be erased from history.


Would you please help us?

Ah, it's almost time for exams. I'm dead!

Hi everyone.

We've never had a problem with Marnix before.

I have to get some food.

Because of its origins, Canadian English has features of both American and British English.

Jesse looked beautiful to Travis.

It can't really be that easy, can it?

Perhaps we can talk about this at another time.

My knife is broken.

I used to play a lot of tennis.


He stretched his arms and welcomed us.

I will show you my new car.

He will struggle to graduate if he does not make progress.

This isn't my fault, is it?

Could you teach me some French phrases that I might need?

Corpora provide a rich resource for investigating language.

Yesterday I finished the job.


The others don't want her here.

Nothing's there.

This is actually quite good.

Cindie was standing at the bar when I walked into the club.

I told him to leave me alone.

Steve showed Neville a picture of his family.

You have nothing to be ashamed of.

Be sure to clean the lint filter before you run the dryer. Otherwise, you might start a fire.

Vladislav got up late this morning.


She is ignorant of the world.

The jealousy is starting to darken Ping's mind.

I'm really not much of a cook.

Run fast, and you will catch the train.

Is that a library book or is it your own copy?

Just a moment. Let him finish.

I am playing a computer game.

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Did Dominic get back safely?

I've got to get back to Boston before Monday.

The spoons are in the glass.

Someone kicked my back.

Konstantinos will be ready for us in about ten minutes.

He works in a factory.

Emmett is much better looking than I am.

Don't forget that smoking is dangerous to your health.

I'm feeling very confident.

They came here one after another.

All the passengers were evacuated from the plane.

Scientists continue to discover new medicines, so there is always hope for people who are in comas.

Raphael is a lazy student.


You're a very handsome man.

That was the goal.

I think it's disgraceful.


The bus nearly ran over him.


Elwood never wins at tic-tac-toe.

This boy is riding a horse for the first time.

The Prime Minister's press release was full of motherhood statements.

Do you know where the police took Darren?

Not only does she keep house, but she teaches at school.

Molly is used to this kind of situation.

That's not helping.

Ahmet hasn't come yet.

Many children stay after school for club activities.

You must be very hungry now.

You were a good mother.


Joubert didn't tell me where he'd been.


Jason and Pilar have been married for more than thirty years.

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Don't tell Patricia about this.

Is she anybody?

Why are your eyes so big?

He's such a happy camper. Look at his girlfriend!

Draw me a seven-pointed star.


Sir, these checks are fake.