Why were only students invited?

Kees became tired of always having to pay the bill every time he went out with Elvis.

I suggest he follows my advice.

Marika wanted me to learn Finnish.


This will hardly convince anyone.

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Let's cut her some slack.

And you didn't even say that we've arrived!

It might be a long time before we meet again.


Are we fucked?

Emil is much shorter and weighs much less than Delbert.

Everybody made it to the wedding.

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Lorraine was reluctant to talk about it.

Neal didn't even know where he was.

As I entered the coffeehouse, I found two young men watching a wrestling match on television.

My mother bought me a new bicycle.

Drinking a lot of coffee can raise your blood pressure.


He is an amateur gardener, but his flowers are beautiful.

The history of the world is none other than the progress of the consciousness of freedom.

Is Spanish spoken in Mexico?

Something must be happening.

That's a whole different matter.

Now be a good boy and go beddy-byes.

Justin is feminine.

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She doesn't eat meat, does she?


She sounded desperate.

She'll have to delay her education because she lost her job.

He doesn't have the strength to say anything.


She sings well, to be sure, but she can't act.

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When the boys go camping, they enjoy living in a primitive way.


This stove uses kerosene.

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People buy these tickets many months before the tournament starts.

She's no longer distinguishable there in the distance.

Water and mineral salts are inorganic substances.

That really isn't funny.

I'm likely to be here all afternoon.

Where are the games being held?

I never got around to cleaning out the garage today.

She invites us to all her parties.

I'm learning English.

Should I not have told her?

No one saw me.

He took her remarks as flattery.

If you win, you are in the right, but if you lose, you are in the wrong.


What do you think they were doing all morning?


These flowers aren't only beautiful, but they smell nice.


Finland is called "Suomi" in Finnish.


Don't push me very hard. It's dangerous.


Joshua has a scar on his face.

You have to acquire as soon as possible a good knowledge of business English.

It's his problem, not mine.

I'm giving you a choice.

Some women don't prefer information, which they may think is just boring, and do prefer to rely on intuition, in which they may not be proficient.

Hurry up, or it will start raining.

Take that and keep it in this. Put them next to that.

Dalton and Vick like each other.

There's not a moment to lose.

I suppose I could use some rest.

You're still wrong.

Ravindranath wanted to go, but he had lots of things to do.

How much do you think Merril needs?

It's stupid and dangerous.

One mouse is running around in the room.


What doctors should do is to save lives and fight against death.

Felix is disturbed.

He's a talented young director.


I'll ask whether he wants another drink.

I wish you had more time for me.

They delivered it door to door.


These days the number of women who don't want to change their family names even after they get married is increasing.

She felt hurt by something.

I have to earn some money so that I can afford a computer.

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She brushes her hair in the morning.

The future does not belong to the faint-hearted, it belongs to the brave.

That wasn't Clark's choice.

Today I had some kipper for breakfast.

Did I tell you that already?

The LDP needs a spiritual cleansing.

Marc couldn't make up his mind right away.

I really like him a lot.

The hair stylist cost him/her/you(formal) 3,000 yen.

Are you absolutely sure you want to sell your father's guitar?

She said that her mother was a drug addict.

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You pay me well enough.

Stop the persecution!

Marlena hasn't had anything but water since last night.

Drive me to the store.

For all his efforts, he didn't succeed.

My biggest problem will be deciding what to do with all the money I just won.

Time is the coin of your life. You spend it. Do not allow others to spend it for you.

No matter what happens, keep moving.

The players marched triumphantly across the field.

Who's your doctor?

Don't get her confused.

Raul is pompous and arrogant.

I wish I'd been here to help.

He or I am to blame.

I often played tennis when I was young.

He does things very slowly. It takes him three days to do one day's work.

The wintry weather lasted long into April the year before last.


At the end of the year in Japan, concerts of Beethoven's Ninth are held in various regions as if it's an annual event.

You're on the wrong ship. This is a cruise to Alaska, not Hawaii.

Piete has the ability to do what needs to be done.

That's the eject button. Don't touch it.

I knew what you were doing last night.

I asked Ann if she were a student.

You can help.

Hitoshi and Cathryn joined the group.

Do we have an extra one that Earnie can borrow?

I can't live without him.

Everett tried to hide a smile.

King can't trust Vince.

The blind leading the blind.

She will never die.

I'm painting the house.


I don't want to do it like that.

I didn't go to my prom.

Could you teach me French?


He does everything well.


I think we're going to have a very nice time.

I'm not suggesting that.

Jisheng's latest movie just came out.


The higher you go, the lower the temperature.

Doug is playing with his yo-yo.

I want what you want.

Come back in an hour.

Bonnie knew it was a possibility that Kris would show up late.

That was brilliant.

I just want to crawl into a hole and hide.

The commander called reinforcements up.

I knew Ram was coming back.

You don't even know where Ramadoss is.

Clothes are getting cheap.

His whole family is like that. They're like peas in a pod.

Cow's milk is tastier than soy milk.

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I've burnt myself.

She called the kitten "Jaguar".

They're excellent.


Cory doesn't look like either of his parents.

Can we go to the circus?

Boston is the place to be, right?

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GPS trackers are raising new questions about privacy and a legal system that has not kept pace with technology.

We know you're one of us.

Teenagers often wear strange clothes.

Can I go outside?

Would you like to meet them?

Well, it's all come out in the wash.

A few days would have been excusable, but you are in arrears for 10 days.


Something unexpected has happened.

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I do it as I was instructed.

We're never satisfied.

Owen forced Ernie to give false information to the police.

Don't call anybody.

See that stone? In the special forces you got to take it and walk with it at least ten miles.


The situation has taken on a new aspect.

Blow me down!

Natto is sticky.


I prefer to take medicine rather than getting a shot.


Her dress was torn.

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I think Earl did something he shouldn't have.

Mitzi thought that Bruno loved her, but actually he just wanted to have sex with her.

I'm sorry. I can't tell you.

I live in Minnesota right now.

Vicky needs proper medical treatment.


It could be coincidence.