I want you to dry my tears.

Misfortune makes of certain souls a vast desert through which rings the voice of God.


There were no signs of life.

You look terrific.

You could always hand off some of the work to the junior staff.


Joel and Dave live near each other.

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I bought this camera yesterday.

What part do you agree with?

She's not much younger than me.

I don't know who killed Elvis.

A trip can create some beautiful memories for your family.


It'll pass in a few days.

It's really classy.

Why don't you guys go on into the living room and make yourselves comfortable?

I sent Takao flowers on Valentine's Day.

Live within your means.

For all I know, he was born in Italy.

Life has often been compared to climbing a mountain.


Hercules is the Latinized form of the name of the most famous Greek legendary hero, Heracles.


She sent me a letter.

How often do you go shopping?

How do you like Boston?


The post office is just around the corner.

I work hard in the garden.

I think our work here is done.

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It's my fault this has happened.

My girlfriend is Chinese.

It's hardly surprising.

He got so stout that his collar did not meet.

How could this be happening?

We're in this thing together, right?

Eddie got the job done.

Do you want to say it or should I?

It was very unpleasant.


Can you meet me in the lab?

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This is just a waste of time.

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I've been hunting with Betty.

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My ring is gone.


Do you need a visa to go to Australia?

When two non-perpendicular straight lines intersect, they form four geometric angles; an acute angle plus either of the adjacent obtuse angles will naturally always sum to 180 degrees.

I don't tolerate incompetence.

We took it for granted that he would come with us.

Dan wants me to stop writing.

He stole my watch.

My income is twice as large as yours is.

What's your darkest secret?

Let's get back inside.


I believe you know what Marcus is doing.


Don't drink and drive.

Why can't I love both of them?

You're a pathetic loser.

I want you to work with us.

How much does this hat cost?

Stacey was offended by what Jong said.

Bobbie is better at French than English.


We've been working hard to make some changes.

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The chess player put his opponent in check.

I just want to go home and see my wife and the kids.

The snow that had piled up on the roof at night came down with a thud.


Vern started playing drums when he was thirteen.

Last night, I barely made the last train.

I can teach you how to bewitch men.

The dog followed me.

My father is getting bald.

Has Irvin ever asked you to loan him money?

I would've done that anyway.

Copy this page in your notebook.

He is at school. Are they, too?


You are a friend of Molly's, aren't you?

Her hair comes to her shoulders.

What's your favorite symphony?

When she saw the lengths he'd gone to to get all dressed up, she couldn't help letting a brief chuckle escape.

The real value of the minimum wage has fallen by nearly one-third since its peak in 1968.

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Can you let me have it for thirty dollars?


He is buried in thought.

He's a total wreck.

The boy's aggression is making problems.

He lives far from the city in which he was born.

Did he ask you out?


Sergei doesn't have a gold credit card.

We're very lonely.

Try it on. It looks about your size.

I'm going to meet them there.

I swear I didn't see anything.


Just tell us what you need.

I can protect her.

As it happens, I have left the book at home.


Do you have any idea what time Jordan will get here?


He was abducted by aliens.

Gene doesn't like oranges.

The sun is the eternal source of light, heat, and life.


Ramesh gave Damon an engagement ring last week.

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Mahmoud didn't want to go to the dentist's.


A computer is a wonderful thing.


The shoes are made of leather.


I still think Po doesn't get it.

We can do a lot more than that.

I don't appreciate being lied to.

I always suspected that Mason was a little paranoid.

Dimetry finds it easier to have no chocolate, than to try to limit himself to a couple of pieces.


Luis told Vladislav he wouldn't do it again.


In this day and age, life without electricity is unimaginable.


Does it still hurt?

You live here alone, don't you?

Do you mind if I don't do this?

I bought these medicines for my father.

Stop talking loudly.

The "holy" book must be called by its real name: accursed book. The words "god", "saviour" and "saint" are insults and denote a criminal.

I'll meet her downstairs.

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How can we dispel their doubts and fears?

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No, thank you. I already ate.

Let's name our cat Cookie.

The ladies are looking after the children whose parents are employed in factories during the daytime.

You need at least four people for a three-legged race.

We're waiting for a tow truck.


Most students carry backpacks to school.

He had the kindness to help me with my work.

Hank was the coordinator.

I thought you were my best friend.

I suggest we go out for a drink.

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Write Debi.


Believe me, brother, I don't know that I'm a man; I don't feel like one.

After a hard day's work, a man can do with a good, hot meal.

Niels spoke French.


This boy is riding a horse for the first time.

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Ramiro was never a soldier.


What does that feel like?


And the holiday begins.

Stanly lit a match.

I went through the gate out onto the street.

Sometimes it's the converts who are the most devout.

Rome is an ancient city.


We have failed miserably.

His heart sank to his boots.

His clothes were used.

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I've had enough of this.

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Ranjit is a decent guy.

Theo dyed his hair.

I can hardly hold my own against his daring.

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A luxury liner arrived in the harbor.

Harmon can't retire yet.

Duane's chest is rattly because of a respiratory tract infection.

We have all received one blessing after another from the fullness of his grace.

I cannot think any other way.

Tell Diane to meet me in front of the post office.

She reluctantly agreed to our proposal.


Did someone sleep here last night?

I thought you moved to Boston.

How do I get in touch with you?

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I don't suppose you know anything about this.

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What shall we do today?