People took pity on the orphan.

Contact them.

It's been three years since Lester has been to visit us.

Monarch butterflies are beloved for their spectacular migration across Canada and the United States for overwintering sites in central Mexico - and back again.

Though very busy, she came to see me off.

I waited for him all day long.

If he asked you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?

I didn't give anything to Masanobu.

It seems that Italians are prone to suffer from exclusive ailments that have no names in other cultures.

He is the least clever of the three.

Aslan the wise Lion heard bad news from his doctor. Turns out an all red meat diet is bad for your health.

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Does he want to go away?

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Courtesy costs nothing.


I may not be able to go shopping with you tomorrow.

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You are covered with a $300 deductible.

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I know him, a wily, cheeky lad.

What should we drink and how much?

Peel the bananas and mash them with a fork.

I've got to see him.

What time do you leave?

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Lay the table!

She told him to stop.

What a business it is!


Stop popping pimples in front of the mirror.

I'll give you to the count of three.

Don't worry. I've already taken care of it.

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Robin isn't scared of snakes.

Alfred reached into his bag.

Jeanne is beginning to recover, but he's not out of the woods yet.

Would you help me?

Did I understand that correctly?


We suspect that someone murdered Maria and just made it look like suicide.

I think you'll be able to change Robbin's mind.

I don't see why we had to help.


Many questions remain unanswered.

She's browsing through the calendar.

These pictures were taken three months ago.


Sundaresan was lured into a trap.

Lake Biwa is the largest lake in Japan.

Hein seemed surprised when I told him Edmund wasn't here.

Is there something I need to know?

It is not good that you did not ask her name.

Annie and Juha look so happy.

Cherries are red.

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Suddenly there was a rifle shot.

Maria always whispers words of wisdom.

Man proposes, God disposes.

Tell me which one of these you want.

Never be late for school again.

Nate has a lot of great ideas.

Please wait till I have finished my homework.

Tell her to not look for me.

I don't need Nancy to tell me anything.

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I've arranged everything.

I'm sure you'll be ready when the time comes.

Rajiv doesn't look much like her mother.

Rayan is a good sort.

The plane arrived on time.

The doctor told her that she should take a rest.

I have to charge the battery of my car.

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We must talk.


Owen exited through the gate.


Don't you think you're lucky?

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I don't want him to get into trouble.

Ramsey would probably be disappointed if we didn't go to his birthday party.

The man said something to the driver in a weak voice.

Vilhelm is a papyrologist.

I forgave you.

At last, he got the car.

Gilles, how old were you when you left Australia?

Mahesh acted happy, but deep inside he was sad.

I've almost finished my work.

This made me think of you.

We didn't do anything special.

Is that enough for you, Raymond?

Wolf didn't have any hard evidence, but he thought Duane was the one who stole his mother's diamond ring.

The hunting dogs followed the scent of the fox.

What is critical thinking?

Snow indicates the arrival of winter.

I never dreamed that I would meet you here.

Some species gradually develop elaborate repertoires of dozens or even hundreds of variants of a basic song.

I never drink coffee.

Route 12 stops near the opera house.

I'm in love with the girl next door.

What's up with you?

At last, the bus stopped.

"How much money does Kolkka make?" "How would I know?"

I sat down and read a book.


We may surprise everybody.

We'll need some.

She lost her purse.

Keith walked in and quietly closed the door behind him.

Hohn asked me who had painted the picture that was hanging on my wall.

He is looked up to as their leader.

Would you get that, please?

The yogurt is delicious.

You might want to be a little more careful next time.


Catherine was guilty.

Dominick used a crowbar to pry open the door.

Twitter suspended his account.

He made three mistakes in as many lines.

Dan received a note from Linda asking him to meet her outside.


The grandfather told the grandsons.

Ken didn't want Space to get hurt.

Spy shot Pierce's dog.

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Is this some kind of practical joke?

Maybe I shouldn't invite Douglas to the party.

I like English, too.

Look what you've done to me.

This is only a prototype.


Someone waits for me.

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A good friend will stand by you through thick and thin.

Did you sign it?

I assume that won't happen.


I can't imagine your not knowing her address.

The movement added a new page to the history of Japan.

I know that I know nothing.


They're learning Esperanto.

I skipped out on my appointment with my boss.

A three-person team is undertaking a 40,000-kilometre motorcycle journey from the Arctic Circle in Alaska to the southern tip of South America.


She rose to stardom when she was just twelve.

It's raining again!

I heard that Shari wanted to learn French.

He laughed until tears filled his eyes.

Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.


Jeffie said it was urgent.

Life isn't all roses and sunshine.

We hoped we'd be able to win the game.


I made up my mind to come here after all.


Stop spending my money.

I want to know exactly how Vincenzo died.

I clean my ears using cotton swabs.

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Narendra always complains about the way I do things.

We'll sleep embraced.

Would you please come here?


Do you have a house on your own?

What do UFOs believe in?

Are you wearing shoes?

Brace yourselves for impact.

The clock stopped. It needs a new battery.

Stay and have a drink with us.

I lost my dog.

You've underestimated him.

Schools are closed for Christmas.

There are many places you should see in Kyoto.

Harvey earns three hundred dollars an hour.

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Mr Yamada is in charge of the personnel section.

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I believe that lifelong learning is essential.

That happened three days ago.

Why don't you two just sit down?

That's the price of success.

You have to take care of the planet.


Ima couldn't see it.

His success is the result of hard work.

I hardly eat before lunch.


You take more calories than are necessary.

Lend me a memo pad or something.

I didn't have time to think about it.

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We graduate from high school at eighteen.


There must be a balance between chaos and law.

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That was a valuable experience.