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You would think everybody on earth would be able to tell you what a hit product is — especially anyone in management at a product or service business.

Surprisingly, when asked, no two people, no matter how experienced, tend to give the same answer. They have to stop, think, and puzzle through arriving at a unique answer, as they don’t have one they’ve learned and memorized.

Business schools don’t teach this answer. Corporate development programs don’t teach it. It’s never taught at fancy executive retreats or as a keynote topic at luncheons. You can even Google “hit product” and then go blind trying to find a formal definition.

It’s no wonder nobody in business has a regimented system in place for creating hit products. They can’t even tell you what one is.

How do you reach a goal you can’t name?
What Is A Hit Product?
Creating a hit product isn’t luck,
art, or even genius.

It can be done with
a simple, proven approach.

We can do it — together.

The Hit Product System
A hit product is one that so delights everybody in the value chain that it achieves unprecedented levels for sales, growth, profitability, and satisfaction.

That’s the elusive definition of a hit product. Within that single sentence is everything an entrepreneur needs to intentionally engineer the makings of a hit product. No guesswork. No luck.

Over my 45-year career I have experienced every type of product result imaginable — from foul-smelling stinkers, to middling also-ran performers, to stupendously successful break-out hits. My legacy includes all of them, good and bad.

From creating and piloting hundreds of products from creation to the marketplace I’ve learned the lessons I now implement for myself, and for my partners.

I’ve formalized a system for creating hit products. I can work that system as your partner.