The flowers in the vase are beautiful.

If there is a right to life then there must be a right to death as well, otherwise the right to life wouldn't be a right but a duty.

Is it possible you're wrong about that?

How are you and Elijah getting along?

How do we make this problem go away?

The female then incubates the clutch of two pinkish eggs.

I'm going to Paris in the fall.

John took a key from his pocket.

That's what I was told.

You'll see him.

I cannot fold this big carpet by myself.

The camel is the ship of the Sahara.

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He lived in Azerbaijan for 4 years.

We had not gone far before we were caught in a shower.

Musical beauty has a direct and inseparable link to mathematical beauty.

I didn't know his name.

I have attached for your convenience the FTP instructions to access our site.

I wrote a book two years ago.

He is always busy feathering his own nest.


I was born and educated in Toyko.

I was lying.

Gregg is looking through his binoculars.


Jakob said his house had been broken into.

I played a game about American colonization.

The manufacturer of the medicine is a Japanese company.

He walked back and forth on the platform while waiting for the train.

I've been divorced three months.

This chick is like a shrimp: I like everything about her but her head.

So, do you like it?

The story about the separation of the two leopard cubs seems pretty trite to me.

I don't do kindness.


The cheese is not yellow.

I can accept that.

I heard you were here.


My license was confiscated.

Guys, it's my time to go away.

Give her what she wants.

Try to hold it together.

It's not easy for me.

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You're just jealous, that's all.

Roxana went on working.

"Yes," Dima replied, brushing off a piece of half-eaten fish that had gotten stuck to his right sleeve. "I'd like to buy that one there."

You should avail yourself of this opportunity without fail.

She is contemplating visiting Europe this summer.

Tomas has no chance of winning.

She's an esthetician.


I have a brand new pair of socks.

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She and her twin sister were born just five minutes apart.

Will you help us now?

I have a bat and ball.

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You had a perfectly normal reaction.

You and Sally used to eat a lot.

He's clever with his hands.

I was terrible.

It was so hot that she felt like eating ice cream.

I'll get them home safely.

He didn't make public what he had discovered there.

Even in India things changed.

One of these days, you will break your bones if you are not careful.


Why would Mats be coming to see you?

Students of Latin are racking their brains in trying to understand the mystery of the so-called passive periphrastic.

I'm actually reading an article on how to focus.

We're being followed.

A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

Edward is bad at sports.

He's not cut out for teaching.

I saw many familiar faces.

I wish that wasn't the case.


How many people are on board the ship?


He was busy copying his friend's notebook.


He wrote many phrases in Esperanto.

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Duane listens to Jayant.

After Bruno ate a little food, his strength returned.

Please put a lump of sugar in my coffee.

Do you prefer going to the cinema or to the theatre?

Can you describe them?


They are exhausted.


She emphasized the importance of education.

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Cathryn sat down at his desk.

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You're going to owe me a big favor.

I felt like an outcast among those people.

You're not going to make me drink alone, are you?


She was afraid to make a speech.

We can't just leave her behind.

It is the character that makes the difference.

How odd!

Can we wait for Scott here?

I'd like to stay here.

Listening to music is lots of fun.

Amigo told me an incredible story.

I'm jealous of you.

I just want you out of my house.

We should do away with these old rules.

Clifford went for a doctor.

Bertrand and Thierry plan to have a party next week.


When I turned fifteen I started going out more.


How does Naresh make money?

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This is my car.

I really need to see you. It's important.

Having seen the torrential downpour, I'm afraid I'll have to reschedule today's class.

I don't need a plate.

You can't go further.

I was happy I did that.

"Has anybody called the police?" "I have."

I'll never do this again.

So we'd better stay home.

Ramon has been avoiding Gill all day.

Dale couldn't believe his eyes.


I saw him reading a book.


They're here.

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You seem to be a busy man.

Could you get a hammer for me from the kitchen please?

I hope that I gave you enough money to buy everything you needed.


The battle of Waterloo was the last battle of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Kathryn had a queasy feeling in the pit of his stomach.

I understand your anger.

I try not to think about it too much.

We could see some ducks on the lake.

You were happy.

Have you lived here long?

Dan is a highly trained professional investigator.

Marcia's new wife is younger than his daughter from his first marriage.

How much did this bicycle cost you?

So far he has done very well at school.


Someone should tell her.

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I'm not driving anywhere.

Douglas doesn't have that kind of money.

We've had no word from Brian yet.

I don't want you to go to Boston.

Good boys go gladly to school.

The street was empty of people and traffic.

Two are fighting - a third is profiting.

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The plans aren't set in stone and can be changed if absolutely necessary.


I'm closing my store.

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A man should not be judged by his station in life.

The baby is crying again.

Yesterday I was told I looked like Kohei Tanaka.


The fakes are very easy to spot.


The children were playing in the middle of the street.

What does this have to do with my future?

French from Quebec is spoken by more than 7 million speakers.

Emmett is embarrassed by his son's behavior.

How much did you say this cost?

He's a very capable business man.

She accompanied her mother as she bought.


Kee never sings in public.

In what continent is the Nile River?

Sharon must be a go-getter.

We'll work.

His joke eased the tension in the room.

You just had to do it, didn't you?

Philippe is a child prodigy.

Do people ever accuse you of being selfish?

You should try to get along with your neighbors.

Health-Sports Day is the second Monday of October. That day is for sports and to foster a sound mind and body.

Roy practiced very hard to get his ski instructor's license.

Teri knows how much you love him.

I owe Ti for this.

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Noam looks like a teenager, but he's actually over thirty.


Seenu doesn't hate people, he's just asocial.

What is she doing in his office?

Ranjit reached for his weapon.


That coffee smells good.