I decided on my exercise program.

Mother is preparing dinner.


All the apples disappeared.

It would be great if you could join us for dinner.

Is this a gift for me?

He helped me to carry the bag.

What'll you do with it?

That's not very fair, is it?

Do you also know how to count in Italian?

Nils is kind of worked up about it.

The coffee was too hot for me to drink.

She has a fair skin and hair.

They created a government.

This is an issue where there is a little bit of space between your position and my own.

The play ended all too soon.

Elric cut some branches off the apple tree.

I think Wendy might be hungry.


In case of fire, I would grab my flute and escape.

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I tried to call you but I couldn't.

Please let me pay.

Did you go to see him?

I met nobody on my way home.

We're not at war with them.

Do you know how that feels?

He invited me to lunch.

I can scarcely believe it.

So what does it mean?

Am I supposed to be understanding any of this?

I have a few ideas.


Patricia is bicurious.

I spoke to him about it over the telephone.

They don't get along together.

We have to start doing that.

I read that report before lunch.

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Seymour picked this tie out for me.


You know your stuff.

I said I would make her happy.

None of us are hungry right now.

Their garden is full of very beautiful flowers all the year round.

I hope you practiced your flute solo!

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Kevin told Carter he was married.

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Is there anything wrong with that television?

Jot it down in your notebook.

Bob writes to me once a month.


The weather vane points north.


I'll stay here until tomorrow.

Everyone in the room checked their watches at the same time.

We can rely on Edith.

Go tell him to get ready.

We can do a lot more than that.


Feck off.


"What's wrong?" "I don't have a key."


Kirsten is trying to be cool.

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I'm too lazy to wake up at six o'clock in the morning.


I couldn't kill them.

I often break things when I'm angry.

The letter made her sad.

Not now, then when?

I didn't expect that to come from you.

I don't get the mistake.

Let us settle the matter without a third party.

This is, strictly speaking, a mistake.

He told me that Tracy got pregnant.


They appointed her to do the task.

I sure wish I could have a three-day weekend.

Please don't misunderstand.

That shouldn't be so difficult.

Whales can remain submerged for a long time.

You have the same chance as everyone else.

I asked myself that same question.

The trees are big.

I'll get a hold of you.


Who's that little kid?


I never thought I'd find Lawrence.

You can think of the rest yourself.

I'll put the old bridge back.

The soldiers had target practice in the morning.

A mirror can be made out of metal or glass.

She robbed me blind.

I share his political perspective.

I taught Mikey how to drive.

May I introduce Attorney Tammi, a new student. Mrs. Virtanen, the Finnish teacher.

She came down for breakfast at eight.

It's really going to be OK.

Means of transport were improved.

Jacob leaned back and stared at the ceiling.

TV has robbed us of our enjoyment of conversation at dinner at home.

Did I write that?

He againest monopoly. He has been to against monopoly.

I said to her, "You look pale. Are you all right?"

I know who to call when I need help.

He is very good at poker.

We were in the middle of lunch when he gave me a ring.

I like her attitude.


Isn't that what really matters?

We've got a lead.

Vistlik doesn't want Amigo to leave.


I promised Kate I'd eat with him.

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Kirk says it's crowded.

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I've found a place to live.

The river that flows through London is the Thames.

Moore once worked with me.

Daddy, I'll stop doing theater and won't sing anymore.

I wonder if this restaurant has pilaf.

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Are you afraid of us?


Edith gave Loren a friendly hug.

Don't be late for school again.

He will soon become a father.

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.

That's a very intriguing idea.


We went to church every Sunday when we were in America.


I think we should start making plans for the summer.

He said that he had met him a week ago.

I enjoyed it.


Do you run every day?

April is the fourth month of the year.

We know we can do better.

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He has decided to carry on the work.


Don's wife Alastair predeceased him.

Caroline walked back inside the building.

Len fought like a cornered rat.

We have five classes every day except Saturday.

He found the door locked.

So the doctor started to examine her.

The theater was jam-packed.

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What's drinking? A mere pause from thinking!

We're not really going to do this, are we?

We'll see what Pilar has to say.

I asked Ernst not to bother us.

I can't imagine anybody would be surprised if Brian didn't show up at the party.


I can still remember the first time I saw you.


This company makes money by selling your private information to third-parties.


I spoke to my parents.

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We have tons of money.

Nicolo couldn't figure out what Kinch was trying to say.

You obviously love Kit and he obviously loves you.

The soup is a bit too salty.

She was born in 1960.


Let's go say hi to Russ.

Mah didn't seem to be very hungry.

Keeping a diary also gives us a chance to reflect on our daily life.

Come with us now.

His opinion is worthless.


Jacobson can do it better than me.

I'm pretty lucky.

As soon as she met him, she burst into tears.

That's a happy sound.

I take vitamins every day.

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Come back to the party.

I am a vegetarian.

I think that my suitcase was stolen.

Do you want your wife to speak Esperanto?

Each congressman could vote.


That's generous of you.

The pilot seemed unfamiliar with the jet's advanced electronic systems.

Why don't you just call him?

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Let me have a talk with them.


I've paid parking fines a number of times myself.

Tell Pria that.

Marc doesn't like women.