Jordan seemed preoccupied and clearly wasn't listening to what Ken was saying.

The two scholars wrangled over the meaning of an obscure Tibetan phrase.

Mr Green, you are wanted on the phone.

Mayuko had a strange dream.

The depth of the debates has decreased as the new social media forms does not provide enough space for the elaboration of long arguments.

I told her to come visit us.

I want to apologize to everybody.

I gave her a choice.

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Juliet will answer all of your questions.

He was passing by on his bicycle when he heard a cry for help.

Tell Stevan that he was recommended by Annie.

Living with her isn't easy.

Look, I don't want any trouble.

Elisabeth paused momentarily.

I'm so grateful to you for this opportunity.

She seems to understand what I say.

I had an accident.

Dominic doesn't know what he's doing.

They admitted her to the hospital.

We'll figure out another way out of this, Kari.

I do not know what you want from me.

I think we have some mice in the attic.

Sorry, I didn't quite catch what you said.

We really do want to help Delbert.

You should be angry.

How many bus stations are there in this city?

Please leave this place as clean as you would like to find it.


Randolph is a pothead.


She went home.

Whichever you may choose, it will do you a lot of good.

Generally, Japanese people are shy.

The tide is on the ebb.

Celeste escaped by the skin of his teeth.

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I'd like to get this working again.

Does Johnny make his bed every morning?

You are the most important person of us all.


Cambodia appealed to the United Nations for help.


A row of old houses is being destroyed to make way for new flats.


Three months before Eric was to graduate from college, he died.


You get a feeling of euphoria upon completing a hike of the Appalachian Trail.


Please take me out for dinner!


Something doesn't make sense here.


What'll happen to us?

Alfred has disgraced himself.

Jane begged to see my new house.


Hurf was determined to leave the company.

You better tell me the truth.

He abandoned his family and went to live in Tahiti.

He has never really got over malaria he caught in the East during the war.

He bugged her with questions.


It's too high.

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It is clever of her to solve such a difficult problem.

Of all the houses we've looked at, this one is by far the best.

The whole building has collapsed.

I hardly recognized them.

It's a pity you don't know how to dance.

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Maybe it's best not to add pepper.


Let me show you around our house.

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You don't even know me.

I'd like two kilos of onions.

Cathrin seems to be interested in Skip.

There's a lot of flu about.

I wonder who can help us.


The gardener very often dances.

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Having all of you here is more reassuring than having the police or anybody else.

At most, Henry has only six dollars.

Let's go back to Boston.

It was a little disorienting.

Some men wear jewelry.


Why are you being weird?

Just dismiss those thoughts from your mind - they're crazy and not worth thinking about.

We are both her boyfriends.

It is similar.

I don't drink soft drinks too much, because I know they're not healthy.


It's a common misconception.

My class is made up of forty students.

I paid fifty percent down for the car.

If you need a fountain pen, I will lend you one.

Let's go and surprise him.

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Handball is a very popular sport in Denmark.

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Lester refuses to do anything for Francois.

It's just a cold.

A bridge was built across the river.


I like Japanese food and customs, so it follows that I like living in Japan.

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Please refer to the owner's manual for more details.

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I couldn't resist.


I'll finish up.


It's difficult to speak English well.


Are they actually friends?

It's really funny.

Carol picked up his rifle, aimed and fired.


Charlie realized that his father could no longer recognize him as his son.

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The will make a good nurse.

Get away from her.

How much milk is there left?

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It went downhill.


It takes a while to relax.

She kissed me and left.

Correct any errors.

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I value your friendship very much.

I called Ahmed this afternoon.

Today is my birthday.

It's not a horse.

No one of us can cut himself off from the body of the community to which he belongs.


Are you anxious?

Gunter never seems to want to sleep.

I don't think they can behave themselves at the party.


I stayed.

Sharon didn't try very hard to find out what was wrong.

You're not very encouraging.


Instead of relying on a pension, he resolved to apply for the job.

It's important I do this.

I'm glad you're feeling better.

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You worry too much about her.

He doesn't let me live!

He's a grumpy old man.

This is somebody else's problem.

George seems to be afraid to fall asleep.

I won't say much.

They started the meeting without me.

I take advantage of discounts.

I don't know what Barbra would do.

Tareq heard a loud sound.

Stephan did the job the best he could.

What is the difference between Malcolm and Mairy?

Sal and Pieter both looked surprised.

She got Marco.

I found that fascinating.

Gunter is hiding from them.

Are you surprised to see me?

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Ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, hundred.

I got an ink blot on this form.

I am thankful to have been given the experience of life.

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Do you have any plans for Saturday?

It's not exactly how it happened.

He is actuated solely by ambition.


He's very fair-minded.


Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?

I was at my wit's end as to how to act.

Here is your lunch.

I'm aware of the risks involved.

Tracy knew that Frank didn't like him much.

After his knee repair, he could walk without pain.

You cook turkey with pears.

The pain is getting worse.

What a miser you are!

This book is written in easy English.

Jarvis complained that he had too much homework.

Hang in there, Sue.

I read through the novel.

Perhaps it is true.

I like walking by myself.


Please give me some kind of medicine to curb the pain.

I think you've got me confused with somebody else.

I like to put on my rain boots and stomp in the puddles in the street.


Allan and Leif seem to be attracted to each other, don't they?