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He's a teetotaler.

He is getting better day by day.

I cannot drink coffee.


I didn't want to tell you on the phone.

I violently flinched at the bang.

I wonder why Triantaphyllos isn't hungry.


I thought you'd want to try some Japanese food.

Seven is said to be a lucky number.

Pinocchio, although alone, defended himself bravely.

You supposed to be wearing your name tag.

Is there something in particular that you want to drink?

What does a Dutchman do after winning the World Cup? He turns the playstation off.

The tongue is sharper than the sword.

It was rainy that day.

I bought a new safety razor.

Tanya realized that what Hubert said wasn't true.

No one approved the proposal.

I've already tried.

He looked upon it as his duty to see to the welfare of the people on his land.

He cannot have been there yesterday.

What do you need?

You can't go where I'm going.

I'm not gelding your calves.


You have butterfingers.

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How much do you have to pay?

Nature provides them with the means of survival.

She's watching the Olympics.

The boat was equipped with radar.

Let's make it 3:00.

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I'm happy to meet you.

I keep it in the attic.

Some snakes are venomous.

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Rhonda isn't the kind of person I want to deal with.


Oh, boy, would I make a lot of Flash-cards for this text!

At this corner there happened an accident that was to be remembered for years.

Rajendra's mean.


Don't tell me you're tired.

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We should take a trip.


What's the go for the afternoon?

Raj doesn't want to argue with you.

I'll pay my own way.

I always win.

Our country has no future.

Dori says he doesn't remember what happened.

They set up their tents on the beach.

Dan should be ashamed of what he told Linda.

I tested everything.

Where were you planning on putting all this stuff?

Sjouke and Srivatsan had a whirlwind romance.

Marvin has a heavy German accent.

You're comparing chalk and cheese!

Why didn't you go back for her?

He will come if he has a mind to.

No. I went to Guam once on my honeymoon.

Meehan couldn't wait to be with Mara.

Settle down you two.

He makes his own clothes.

I asked for a hot drink a few minutes ago.

I'd like to reconfirm my flight.


It isn't as bad as it seems.

Norman felt tired after working all day.

Brendan didn't sleep at all.

Every time I see him, he is smiling.

Have you told Bonnie where you want him to park his car?


I wanted to do something that would make Omar happy.

I've already told Graeme everything.

I often look back at my younger years.

This happened often in the summer.

I think Bud could be sick.

I think I know you.

You are one of the most wonderful people I know.

Please speak in a low voice.

He asked if I liked Chinese food.

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Shouldn't you be getting ready for work?


Can anyone truly be happy?


That's why you were always healthy.


Soon after that, I began to fall asleep.

You've got a fat chance of convincing your mother to lend you that much money.

He made promise after promise and then sought to get out of them.


Judy laughed at me.

Are you being waited on?

How did it go last night?

It's illegal.

"How old are you?" "Sixteen years old".

Hughes wanted to know who Alberto had been dating.

You're so nosy.


Where did you find it? Somewhere in the forest. I couldn't say precisely.

Mwa poured some milk from the bottle into a bowl for his cat.

They do nothing but complain.

Randy is the only one in our family who is any good at cooking.

Saiid worked here for a short period.

I made a bet that she would win the game.

Some people say that eating carrots will improve your eyesight.

You're going places.

This video is very amusing.

I can do better than that.

My mom was very strict, too.

I haven't finished my lunch.

Who locked the dog outside?

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He hems and haws. "It's different," he finally says.

Millions of men lost their jobs.

Get her to show you that.


Just go home.

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That's the biggest strawberry I've ever seen.

With all due respect.

If Jesus Christ was the being which those mythologists tell us he was, and that he came into this world to suffer, which is a word they sometimes use instead of 'to die,' the only real suffering he could have endured would have been 'to live.'

I have seen that girl before.

Newspaper advertising works well for us because we get the best bang for the buck.

I don't have to worry about finding a job.

Make sure you don't get lost.

This is longer than any other bridge in the world.

It was lunchtime.

Twelve people were injured in the accident.

I must work hard to pass the test.

Dan was immediately placed under arrest.

It takes time to relax.

Be sure to follow them step by step.

If I'd known where Knute was, I'd have told you.

I pray for your success.

A pelican can fit a lot of fish in its beak.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

She made me smile.

We'd better try to sell or give away all these white elephants we've collected.

This chocolate is very sweet and delicious.


I know a man who might help.


I wonder who left these.

Fathers should be neither seen nor heard. That is the only proper basis for family life.

Where did you learn to drive?

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Todd is your age.

Jacob isn't listening anymore.

I have wads of rubber bands.

Though autumn gales are less clement than summer zephyrs, they are more exciting.

Shuvra felt that the criticism levelled against him was unjustified.

Nobody is equal to this young woman in the field of music.

Let's see if anyone's out there.

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It really bugged me.

You can't establish a company without people.

Jaime, what do you want for supper?

They'll refund your money if you're not satisfied.

Dan ate the leftovers.


Her son is a mama's boy. He has to be with her all the time.


Cris is my teacher.

How do I get out of here?

He is such a loser.

And my hands were shaking.

I know the person that you came with.


I came to talk to her.


Here is your menu.

The article alludes to an event now forgotten.

Will this medicine really do me any good?

At first, we could make ends meet, but as it continued we became unable to cover our expenses.

Go get yourself some sleep.

I know you like coffee.

Some space probes, such as Pioneer 10, fly out of our solar system and never come back. Other space probes, like the Hubble Space Telescope, stay in orbit around the same planet their whole life.

Fishing is the only thing Mickey wants to do.

I don't wanna be her friend.

Has Cory done something wrong?

I prefer a ready-made suit.

Dan tried to apologize for being dishonest.

Can you play a song for me?

I have to go get her.

The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth.

There are many interesting things all around the house.

A spark of hope was shining in his eyes.


Can you run fast?

Why don't you go home early today?

My aunt died of lung cancer.

Before we wrap up, we'll take some questions from the audience.

What's causing that hum?