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PATH is an engineering services company for mobile networks, founded in 2004 aiming to provide world-class services in the Telecommunications industry worldwide.

Under technologies like GSM/CDMA/UMTS/LTE/WiMax, We have successfully executed projects in ASIA, EMEA, USA and Latin America.

As second line of business, PATH is a mobile software developer, we have develop solutions for logistics, tracking, information platform via SMS, telemedicine, etc. using different platform as Android and IOS.


Network optimization is a continuous process of fine tuning, aiming to improve service quality.
Objective performance evaluation and comparison of several radio networks within the same region with various purposes.
Regular RF operation and optimization tasks on cellular networks and the continuous deployment.
We design and build innovative solutions that support and transform your business processes.

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We are a company that was formed by entrepreneurial people, with the sole objective of providing services and products of the latest, that support the processes and decision making in the business world.