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Embrace luck

Embrace the NEW LUCK.   Here are a few items to manifest the lucky half of the wishbone in all of us.

Lucky Meat Powder,  but it probably doesn't taste as good as the stuff in the lucky candy bowl. Caution: May result in: Golden Poop.   Then use lucky bathroom tissue. 

Need help from beyond, how about the Alien Scratcher.  It's not as well known as the squirrel scratcher, but it does the job.  What a great stocking stuffer. The older folks will sure to get a kick out of it.

Quebec has our favorite lottery in the world because they have mime balls.  Well, we don't know if they speak or not, but they have that mime makeup and they wear balls. Their names are apparently one and two.  

Lottery scraper that should scare the luck out of your scratchers (alien).

Pigs are lucky some say.. Some are very much like organza. One lucky pig is described as "lovely and disphanous"

We don't know if it works on pigs, but there's Butch Hair Wax by Lucky Hair. It's about 30 years old and practically as good as new.


Feng Shue aficionados: Thing big. Paintings of fur.They assure you they get rid of "deviles". It is a cute handicraft frame and it is manufacturer by the animal body on real wool.


Confused?  Is the Lucky Band Confusion confused?    Anyone confused about luck can try thinking about it in a new way.  To be serious, just for a lucky second,  some say we can make our own luck, and we believe that to be true, so true.

Try the steps to making it so. Be the master of your ship! Learn how to7872046224. Hook up the old Lucky Dog PC Camera, declare your luck to the world, make your list on 43things, and voila! The lucky beggars cup will be a think of the past.

When you do 5198320014, here are a few things to do. But please remember, you wouldn't have gotten where you are today had it not been for that lucky poopie handing from your phone.


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