Treeless Products - Protect Today for a Greener Tomorrow


Welcome to Treeless Products, where you will find multi-purpose copy paper made without the consumption of trees!

This product is industry-tested, quality-proven and the price is competitive with what you are currently paying!

Paper has become a fundamental and vital part of our everyday lives.  The use of Treeless Products 100% Bamboo Copy/Office Paper has an immediate environmental impact that you and your company can both afford and be proud of.  We know most people and companies want to be more environmentally efficient, but sometimes just can’t or don’t know how.  Now you can easily do your part by making the switch. 

This has been our company goal – Treeless Products 100% Bamboo Copy Paper offers quality and value within its environmental benefit, along with a statement of contribution from you and your company to the renewable energy movement.

The average office worker uses over 10,000 sheets of copy paper per year.  The United States pulp mills alone devour 12,350 square miles of forests annually to fulfill our paper needs.  The use of treeless paper offers a chance to drastically reduce that demand and is a strong alternative from papers such as 30% recycled, which still involves a harvesting process using 70% virgin wood!

Treeless Products 100% Bamboo copy paper is acid- and chlorine-free, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.  Moreover, this paper meets all office demands of everyday printing, copying, faxing and shredding. Treeless Products tests all paper to guarantee content, industry standards (TAPPI and ISO) and consumer quality.  Pricing is structured to help offices make the transition smooth and immediate by eliminating green-alternative cost issues.

Bamboo is a high-quality, durable, affordable and environmentally sound alternative to wood-based products.  Bamboo is widely viewed as a sustainable resource and popularly used in textiles, garments and the construction industry.  Paper is the next progression of bamboo usage.

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